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Marsha Hunt -  just picked up Jon Savage's compilation 1969 -1971, Rock Dreams on 45 and found this, new to me cover of I Walk on Gilded Splinters, first heard this done by Humble Pie before eventually getting 'round to Dr. John

Gang of Four - I love a man in uniform

Build Reports / Re: Mini Mu Florist and Red Shift
« on: Today at 07:20:38 PM »
People are saying photographing Envirotex/resin makes for bad pictures, how is it different than photographing glossy objects clear coated with a different kind of finish?
Itís not.

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Okay first thing to do is ditch the camera flash, only reason to ever use a camera flash is in an emergency that requires a picture for reference.

Try shooting outside in a shaded spot, north side of a building will give even diffuse light.

Indoors try beside a bright window but not one with the sun shining in.

Build Reports / Re: Mini Mu Florist and Red Shift
« on: Today at 09:38:43 AM »
People are saying photographing Envirotex/resin makes for bad pictures, how is it different than photographing glossy objects clear coated with a different kind of finish?

Caponata on pasta, grilled the eggplant, onions and some of the tomatoes, garlic, capers, green olives, pepperoncini, celery which didn't have much of so bulked up with bok choy stems, parsely, basil, olive oil & balsamic vinegar.

This afternoon did garlic dill peppers, cucumbers and dill from yesterday's farmer's market, set for awhile again.

Long weekend here... or status quo. take care!

Open Discussion / Re: what are you guys listening to at the moment?
« on: July 28, 2020, 09:58:09 PM »
This Tele duel came on the radio while prepping dinner tonight, Steve Cropper solos 1 & 3, Roy Buchanan 2 & 4, shiver material.

Closer to home the Headstones.

What variety is that orange one? 

But seriously, whatís your storage strategy for a year of garlic?  We put them in the freezer.  The taste doesnít suffer at all, but they tend to be mushy.  Which is fine, as we are most likely going to mince them for a recipe anyway. 

Iíve got 4 varieties that I grow, no idea what they are now, many years later.

Orange one's Top Flyte, can't remember where i sourced it?

This is the first year i've cut the stalks off at harvest rather than after curing, not suppose to make any difference and takes up way less room, we'll see. Usually two to three weeks to cure, now using the basement which is cool and very dry compared to outside. For years i cured outside in the sun covered up when it rained but i was literally getting roasted cloves of garlic here and there, soft yellow mushy anomalies in  a bulb, not suppose to cure in the sun... Basement for the past few years has worked fine.

This years trays of bulbs, fully vented on all sides, are sitting on a couple saw horses with a small fan blowing on them.

After the curing put them in a couple 5, 10lb mesh onion bags and hang those from a basement joist and that's it.

Just went and took pictures of what i have left from last summer's harvest. Sprouting here and there, surprisingly firm, cut a clove open, fragrant and oily. Last picture with the orange variety, the bulb on the left was harvested two days ago, the bulb on the right July 2019, kept great.

I've only ever grown hard neck varieties and my guess is these are Music, seems to be the most common one around.


Don't do much cooking without including some of this, our years supply of garlic planted in November and harvested yesterday.

Enough for this weeks dill pickle production, backyard tomato sauce to last the year, a year's worth of cooking and a fall planting for next summer's harvest. Trace these bulbs directly back to the ones i bought and planted in the fall of 1994, variety is more then likely 'music'.

Take care.

Dave, never invite me to a cook-out at your place.

"Alan, how do you want your steak done?"

"I dunno, cooked."

"Raw, medium, well done, what?"

"Er, cooked in the middle?"

We can discuss it when you get here, it's all just one long experiment, exploration, search...

Open Discussion / Re: The Official Coronavirus Discussion
« on: July 24, 2020, 11:00:09 AM »
My school district is still going full steam ahead with students being in school all week, with no alterations to bus routes, and class rotations...and that is with our cases over double what they were in March and April. We will try and social distance or use masks if we can't within the classroom (and let's face it, public schools don't have the resources to social distance within a classroom). With me being a teacher, I have to go to school, and that means two of my kids have to go to their elementary and the youngest to daycare. I'm hoping the district will come to a conclusion that we should push back the start date to the end of August, but they already pushed it back just one week and are sure that their plan will work enough, even if it seems scant on crucial details. I have a feeling that Covid-19 is going to catch us with our pants down again.

I donít believe anyone has had a chance to pull there pants back up.

Insert string of butt jokes here....

In all seriousness though, be careful man, thatís a lot of new possible vectors for this thing to get into your house. I would be in the exact same position if I hadnít taken this and last year off from teaching so we could travel for my wifeís job. Until March I was pretty unhappy about not being able to be in the classroom, now I feel kinda lucky I guess. I suppose if I have to take a few years off teaching then a pandemic isnít a bad time, but I still miss it.

My wife's last day employed as a teacher was Dec.31, 2019, a date picked a few years earlier, thanks her lucky stars daily.

Stay well, the powers that be sure aren't doing those in the trenches any favours. Houses made of cards...

Fridge dive 'chow mein' for two... half a bag of fresh chow mein noodles, chunk of leftover smoked blade steak, single cob of corn, a baby bok choy, piece of red onion chopped, sugar snap peas, half a carrot julienned, minced ginger, backyard kale, dregs of a bottle of oyster sauce, soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, last of one jar of Sambel Olek reinforced with a new jar, sesame seeds.

Sixty days of summer left the best is yet to come, stay well!

The garden where i've been putting in lots of time this is finally getting 'round to the good stuff. A selection of tomatoes, first ripe hot pepper, had radishes and green onions for a good long time, makings of a salsa cruda. Taco is leftover grilled chicken thigh from the weekend, tomatilla salsa, feta, lime with backyard salsa cruda. First local corn of the year from the farmer' market.

Stay safe and cool...

How Do I? Beginner's Paradise. / Re: Power Adapter question
« on: July 21, 2020, 07:44:18 PM »
I'm trying to build the Smoothie 2020 phaser, and have ran into a problem.  The volume of the pedal is very faint, and there is no phasing effect.  In the build doc, under the voltages section there is a blurb "9.42v DC One Spot".  Does the pedal require this type of adapter?  If so, who has something available?  Thanks.

I haven't looked at the doc but i'd think that 9.42v DC is what's pertinent as a reference.

After last weekends budget breaker wanted to do a comparison with a more usual piece of beef for us, a chunk of blade at $8/lb vs. a $28/lb strip loin.

Two pound piece of blade smoked with mesquite for ~85minutes to 126F then seared with the chimney, this time using the chimney atop the beef. Herbed fingerling potato salad and the first local corn of the year, start of the binging.

The striploin was melt in your mouth tender like no beef i've ever cooked before, the blade you had to chew to process, flavour wise the striploin wasn't even close, the blade mopped the floor with it.

Old favourite, much reworked/altered recipe from Jamie Oliver's first book, maybe followed the recipe the first couple times then did whatever with it, an Asian informed chicken noodle soup. House chicken stock goosed with Maggi, fresh chow mien noodles, skinless chicken thighs coated with toasted sesame oil - grilled, bok choy, shiitake mushrooms, sugar snap peas & carrot slices coated with more of the oil and grilled. Finished with Sambel Olek, bean sprouts and garden Thai basil. This one goes down so well year 'round.

Have a good week.

Open Discussion / Re: Headphone recommendations?
« on: July 18, 2020, 11:16:51 AM »
I've definitely read many reports about the poor quality of the Sony ear pads.  Amazon indicates that replacement ear pads are frequently bought with them, and there appear to be quite a few aftermarket pads to choose from.  Some users report that the quality of the ear pads on Sony headphones is sometimes different for different color choices of the same product (quite odd).
 I'm seeing the MDR-V6 for sale only at rediculously high prices.  Is that a discontinued model?  I was looking at the Sony MDRV150 earlier today.

The descriptions I've read of the Brainwavz HM5 look like they are describing exactly what I'm after, and the price is nice.  I'll keep my mind open and keep reading for a while longer though before I officially buy something, but at the moment I am leaning this way. 

When I first saw that some studio monitor headsets were in my price range, I started reading about some being 600-ohm or other high impedances that needed a quality headphone amp to work properly.  It looks like not all of them are like that though.

Thanks for the suggestions!

DIY headphone amps is another rabbit hole, my gateway to guitar pedals...

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday...

Low&slo striploin, seared on the chimney, blue cheese butter, cole slaw & duck fat fingerling potatoes.

All beef hot dog, dressed with sweet relish, ball park mustard, pepperoncini, left over cole slaw.

Back to shrimp, from Cypriot cookbook, grilled spicy shrimp with feta & ouzo, multigrain sourdough.

Take care

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