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Tech Help - Projects Page / 3PDT PCB
« on: October 18, 2013, 01:49:42 PM »
Does anyone have PCB art for the 3PDT breakout switches? I suppoose I could draw a few up myself but I want them to be pretty....

General Questions / Suggest a delay
« on: October 16, 2013, 03:39:23 PM »
Hey Guys,

I've a few self  builds under my belt (keeley comp, osqueezer, ts808, ZPSDX, rebote, cave dweller, ea trem and FTM) and I think I am ready to try an analog delay. I've been etching everything that there isn't a tagboard for, so if that is required its not roblem.Delays have by far been the most fun for me to build, and reading about the madbean d-bag has me all excited. Do you guys know of any memoryman/boy style builds out there I can do? I see bean is doing a dirtbag 2013, but I want to get one under my belt before that one comes out (if possible) Any suggestions for a good place to start? THANKS!

Tech Help - Projects Page / The never ender
« on: October 11, 2013, 03:10:44 PM »
Hey guys,

Update on the ZPSDX, or lack of one. I'm still having the same issue, one repeat regardless of the feedback pot setting. Ive changed the feedback pot, r41, and c48. Ive checked all my connections to verify no cold joints/bridges. I'll mention again that this pedal was working great for the first few days, and a component may have been bumped at some point (project is still unboxed). IC's have been checked in other pedals and are all operational.


I realized that when the PATH switch is set in the off position, I am getting absolutely no delay, just my signal. When PATH is on, it goes through each filtering mode correctly, however there is still only one repeat. I'm not that great at deciphering more complicated schems, so what should I be paying attention to on the board? Please help!

Tech Help - Projects Page / ZPSDX one repeat issue continues...,
« on: September 30, 2013, 01:55:40 PM »
This is killing me! I'm still having the same issue- I get one repeat on my delay and it stops after that. I can't find any cold joints, I've tried different ic's. For a pedal that was working beautifully until I moved the feedback pot upwards a bit this makes no sense. My only shred of an idea is c48- it appears to have a bit of heat damage from soldering. Would that cause this? My audio probe was inconsequential.  Also, as I stated in a prior post, pin 5 of the TL062 is rapidly fluctuating voltage between 3v and 5v. I'm pulling teeth out here. Thanks for any help at all.

Tech Help - Projects Page / Oh no sdx
« on: September 26, 2013, 06:53:51 PM »
So life was great until this afternoon. I was playing the sdx this afternoon, currently unboxed. I pushed the repeats pot upward just a tad, and now I am only getting slapback, even when maxed. SO FRUSTRATED. I'm not sure if something else got bumped in the process. I took a voltage reading across the repeats pot and I'm only getting about 9k when maxed. The slam button also doesn't work. I tested both pt's in my rebote. They are fine. Any specific components I should be looking at to start? I'm not great with complicated schematic troubleshooting yet...  If you can offer any wisdom , oh pedal gods, please. I am in need and the next stop is my garbage disposal.

Tech Help - Projects Page / Zeropoint SDX
« on: September 26, 2013, 10:23:23 AM »
Hey guys, I read the tech help suggestions, so I am updating my prior post. I'm new 'round these parts, so forgive the prior post.

 I have verified that I have no cold joints, and no unwated bridges. I have tried adjusting the speed in all filter modes and with mods on and off. as soon as I get past 8 oclock or so on the delay speed, I get modulation/crashing noises with some popping. When the delay pot is any lower than that, everything functions as normal. I've only substituted 2 part values- one 18k resistor in place of one of the two 20k resistors. I'm not sure what steps I should take next to diagnose/ fix the issue, because I don't know what would cause everything to work normally until the delay time is sped up. halp plz? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Honestly, i'm loving this thing. I am having one problem. When i'm past 9 or so on the delay pot (quick repeats), the entire pedal goes wacky- almost like mod is turned on and cranked and slam is being pressed on and off. As soon as I back it down to a bit slower repeats it is fine, but not having 25% of the delay range doesn't sit right with me. any suggestions? Thanks!

Tech Help - Projects Page / ZPSDX
« on: September 23, 2013, 06:55:52 PM »
Hey Guys,

Im finishing up the sdx and i have a question. I only have one on/on SPDT. I have a few on/off/on SPDT's that would fit. IS this an ok subsitution? Thanks!

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