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Posted this in the beginners section to highlight how daft I might sound to anyone that's ever recorded anything before.

I've always been content to record on my phone as I never wanted to do anything with any recordings but now I'm finding myself getting an itch that only Audacity is scratching right now. Before I go down the road of "WTF is mixing...", I wondered if anyone had any suggestions about microphone preamps? I'm using a Shure Prologue 10L and a Lexicon interface but feel that because it's a dynamic mic I need a preamp to bring the level up (?) but I could be barking up the wrong tree in the wrong woods. Underwater. I've seen some amazing kits (DIY is preferred) but it seems they go from 5 and jump to 200+ with little inbetween!

If anyone has any input on the following:
 - Aside from my hands, what has the biggest impact on not making things completely shit? Interface, microphone, preamp, software, knowledge of how to use your chosen recording program? Obviously paying 0.99 for each of these means I may as well record a kazoo down a drainpipe but I know little about any of the chain.
 - Do you have any favourite sources of knowledge on recording for complete simpletons?

I'm obviously googling around reading all I can, I just wanted to see if any of you fine fellas had any suggestions, tips or whatnot.

General Questions / Naughty Fish On/On/On switch
« on: January 29, 2017, 03:59:02 PM »
Just wondering if anyone has any sources for the switch in the UK?

The one from smallbear mentioned in the build doc has specific poles linked for the positions -

And this one doesn't seem to match:

Build Reports / WASP Filter
« on: January 14, 2017, 03:02:30 PM »

Finally finished one of Alans boards. Didnt have any 3.5mm jacks so some broken earphones were harvested. Super stoked as Ive been sat on some of Alans boards for ages, just need some jfets to complete my Namesless board and a new PSU for the HeavyWater.

I put my guitar through the filter and wasnt sure what to expect. Tonnes of cool sounds in there, even more with a Klone boosting the guitar signal and a Bosstone after it. Cannot wait to find something to slap into the CV in jack, any suggestions welcome :)

Build Reports / Moonshiner - GE Muff & Rangemaster
« on: October 12, 2016, 01:04:26 PM »
Well, first build report. Finally got my purple achievement unlocked with getting a sound out of an OSHPark order. I found a youtube video of a germanium big muff ages ago, and at that time there was only the one video of a GE transistor big muff. I found a few forum posts hinting at how to optimise the circuit for the transistors. After I assembled all the pieces on a Mudbunny board I then found digi2t(?)'s post on DIYStompboxes who had refined it, tweaked it and fully documented it. I realised there is nothing new under the sun!

I felt even with the tweaks it needed a little push so put a Rangemaster infront of it. Still the best boost to my ears. A massive thank you to Chromesphere for his amazing Diptrace videos. Without him I wouldn't have funded the OSHPark's Christmas party :D And thank you to Scruffie for spotting a couple of my bonehead mistakes.

Box is homemade, recycled from something else I folded it for, covered the holes with a faceplate. Never got the hang of reverse etching - the name disappeared - so had to etch and glue on a teeny license plate. The volume pot is backwards. I think the sustain is by chance a weird new taper not seen even by the likes of RG Keen as it maxes at noon, cuts out at 5 and goes funny at 7. I call it the "FU" taper.  But, all that aside, step on both the switches and it sounds amazing to me.

Open Discussion / Powering a Deluxe Electric Mistress
« on: May 10, 2016, 02:17:01 AM »
I recently was given a DEM, havent investigated the model or anything but its missing its UK plug. Im aware of the hazards of mains and dont mind checking the transformer but is there anyone who knows of any preferable way of powering these? Be it wire the plug and stop asking stupid questions, fit an adaptor and buy an 18/24 volt psu or an adequate current chargepump.

Apologies if its a daft question, google didnt turn up much but I may be using the wrong phrasing. And I didnt want to annoy Scruffie by trying to summon him like Beetlejuice :-)

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