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General Questions / First try using PnP Blue... too hot?
« on: July 15, 2014, 09:28:21 PM »
Here's the result of my second try at using the PnP Blue paper for toner transfer.  The first try was identical.  Is this happening because I'm getting it too hot?

My iron is old.  Using an IR thermometer, on the highest setting I'm hitting 350+ F.  There's not a lot of info on ideal settings and/or how to use the PnP Blue paper, but I thought I read somewhere you want the iron between 250 and 300 F.  So on my second go-round I turned it down from setting 6/7 (cotton/linens) to setting 4 (cotton blends).  Should I set it even cooler for this paper?


I am about to make a decent sized mouser order for my first few pedals, and was going over and double-checking some specs.  I've found a couple posts here regarding electrolytics, one recommending audio grade caps, and another warning of cap size, recommending to keep them to 5mm diameter or 6.3mm for larger values.  The problem I'm running into is that the audio grade electrolytic caps on mouser are usually 10mm in diameter. 

Which advice is more important?  Anyone have a "favorite" electrolytic cap they use all the time?  (47uf, 100uf, 1uf, 220uf, 10uf)

EDIT:  And should I be looking for 5mm lead spacing on electrolytic caps?  That's kind of confusing as well, the build docs I'm looking at certainly don't appear to show lead spacing as wide on the electrolytic caps as they are on the box film caps.

Thanks for helping out a noob.   ;)

General Questions / Porkbarrel ver 2 vs. ver 1.5?
« on: July 01, 2014, 02:54:18 PM »
I have downloaded the build files for the Porkbarrel (the one that includes the single sided etch image) and, even though that etch image is in the Porkbarrel version 2 build file, the image itself says "Ver 1.5" on it.  Consequently, I also have the Porkbarrel 1.5 build file.  Are the differences such that the version 1.5 etched board still works for the version 2 of the circuit, and that's why there was no "Ver 2" etch image?

(Edit:  Actually, even in the version 2 build doc, the first pages calls it Version 4 - 10.04.10.  Confusing)

Introductions / Justus
« on: June 26, 2014, 07:49:07 AM »
Hi all, my name's Steve.  I've made a couple posts here now, and have been lurking for almost a couple weeks (I think - easy to lose track of time when you're reading topic after topic after topic and learning this stuff).   I've been playing guitar since I was a sophomore in high school, having picked it up to start a band.  That band fell through.  Started another band, split off and merged with yet another band, and played for some church camps for a couple years.  That's where I met my future-wife; and now I'm 33, married, full time job, father of a four-year-old son and two-year-old daughter, and I just picked up guitar again to play with my church praise team.

In my getting back into guitar again, I started looking into effects again.  When I started I was playing a Peavey strat copy through a Peavey 15-watt solid state combo unit that was just awful.  So I picked up a Grunge pedal.  Eventually I sold off that Grunge and picked up one of those old blue Digitech RP7 multi-effects units.  I had fun with that.  It was relatively inexpensive and could do all kinds of effects, no matter how bad they sounded.  (haha)  The Peavey 15w combo turned into a 100w solid state head on a 4x12 slant cab (again, yuck) and the strat copy turned into an Epiphone SG.  My band disbanded because everyone went their separate ways for college, and I pretty much quit playing.  But not before selling off that Digitech RP7 and the half-stack, and lucking into a Mesa F-50 1x12 combo amp as part of a charity auction. 

So, fast forward through 10 years of basically playing nothing but acoustic to back up my wife's singing, and now I'm part of my church's praise team where we play a lot more modern stuff.  I recently picked up a TS-9, and then started looking into delay pedals, when I stumbled my way through the internet and into the world of DIY guitar effects through Chromesphere's YouTube channel (thanks Paul!)  I've worked with small electronics before and have done some modifications to things, but have never really made anything from scratch.  But last summer I finally picked up a nice Hakko soldering iron (don't know how I got anything done with those crappy box-store pencil soldering irons that never got up to temp), and as of yesterday I picked up some HCl and H2O2, ordered a sheet of copper-clad board, and made a project list including a Green Bean, which will probably be my first pedal to replace that TS-9 I just bought.  It's probably overly-ambitious, but I like learning these things and completing projects.  Wish me luck!  Before it's all said and done I'm sure I'll have a ton of questions.  But, like I said, I've been reading the forums and scouring all the tutorials to hopefully answer most of those questions before they arise.

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