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Build Reports / Re: Mini-taur (JimmyBJJ's Apis)
« on: November 03, 2012, 10:01:18 AM »
Absolutely stunning. Without a double you are one of my favorite builders! What kind of tool did you use to "route" that lid?

Open Discussion / Re: Pulsar Decal Pro Questions
« on: October 30, 2012, 08:41:10 AM »
I'll be interested in see what the others say. In my experience once it's down it down, there isn't any play room like with waterside decals. The bigger the decal the harder it would seem (I haven't done a large one yet) if it were me I would do it in sections, upper, lower and center logo. Please keep us updated on your experience and growing pains :)

Holy moley, you have been busy. I like that you never do anything "normal", there is always your own spin on things.

Open Discussion / Re: Pulsar Decal Pro Questions
« on: October 28, 2012, 04:54:01 PM »
here is what fastocker says about clearing

I can't say one way of the other all i have experience with is the gbc, pulsar seems to thing they have an advantage of the others they also have the advantage in that you can swap gears for a slower transfer. I'm sure this is possible with other laminators but the info for the mod is widely available for the gbc's.

Open Discussion / Re: 1590a TubeScreamer PCB out there?
« on: October 27, 2012, 07:07:14 PM »
I have one on the way for a personal project. I will have a couple extra's. Both buffers included with the option to eliminate one or both, fat and bright switches.

Hey Jim,

Thinking about getting the Pulsar kit, do you put clear powder over it? Can it withstand the curing?

yes and no. The product can withstand powder curing with careful eye. In my experience the white will turn a off white(pink), the few colors i did try turned darker. And if left in the oven to long it will shrink (check out my grapevine build) if you have small fonts will look like voids, but it still looks pretty good.

Build Reports / Re: Latest stuff from me
« on: October 25, 2012, 02:21:13 PM »
That's a whole lotta chips. Impressive.

Open Discussion / Re: 1590a TubeScreamer PCB out there?
« on: October 23, 2012, 12:48:36 PM »
He built one  but I think it was saxonthefest board

Thanks guys. The pots and knobs came from smallbear.

Thanks for all of the great comments guys.

The graphics are "pulsar decal pro" you can get some great results with them. Check out okeefs and fastcockers stuff for examples. The only issue is its a huge pain in the ass and there is a steep learning curve, of course ymmv. It's by far the hardest process I do, but I also get the best results of of everything I do as well.

Meet the "Phony Klony"  ;D I finally built a pcb from my Apis PCB run

The name and idea is inspired by midwayfair. I was thinking of things that rhymed with Klony like  midwayfair's "Klony" series. Phony rhymes :) like fake, I know corny but I like it.

How does it a klon :) I used dual concentric knobs for the clean/gain and vol/tone. It worked out really well. I don't think that splitting the gain pot is very useful but i couldn't find a matching knob as a single so they both ended up dual for aesthetics. The finish is powder coat black texture.

Thanks for the compliments guys :)

hah! I loled, so the art's worth something. And kudos for using one of the massive LEDs. I still need to find a good use for my 10mm LED. It didn't work as a series LED in an LFO. :D

That's your own layout? It's very nice, and having the gain inside is how I should have done my 1590A version.

Thanks Jon. I got 48 leds left to use up :)

Yeah, my layout. Everything just seemed to fall into place with this one.

I'm not happy with the aesthetics of this one at all, but not enough to redo it :) The enclosure is recycled from one of my very first builds, so the holes are in all of the wrong places (for me) and wires are everywhere. Giant 10mm flashing rate led.

That being said this is a very cool circuit, thanks Culturejam. I'm pretty happy how the layout came out on this one.

Build Reports / Re: The Gatekeeper
« on: October 11, 2012, 07:03:36 AM »
Amazing graphics! I really like your style. I'm gonna have to bid on your auction.

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