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I found a note about that discrepancy in the comments on tagboard:

"R8 is 51R and when the effect which is included is bypassed then the 51R goes to output Jack via an 91R resistor so 51+91R =142 R are close to the 150R used when buffer used as a standalone buffer , by the way if the buffer is placed in front of the effect then the 50K resistor from output to ground should go as well to the output jack too and not on the board so when the effect is engaged the 50K resistor is in the output and not in front of the effect , like this way works on G-2 .

I repeat when buffer is standalone buffer 91R goes with 51R and is 150R and also with the 50K both are included on the board like the vero here.

Analog Design Pedals Greece "

I am fairly new to electronics so I cannot speak to the veracity of this statement, so use at your discretion.
Howdy folks,

After a few years away I've finally found time to dust off my soldering iron and get back into pedal making. I was getting my supplies together and dug out my trusty old 0$ Harbor Freight DMM and I've begun to realize its... fairly crappy. The hfe function is wildly inaccurate (when it works), the resistance measurements wander off target, and the voltmeter seems to be mostly guess work.

I'd like to invest a bit and get a decent entry-level tool. In addition to ohms and volts, I want something that can measure hfe, and a continuity tester would be a welcome bonus. Any recommendations in the 20-30$ range? Amazon, home depot, the usual suspects are on the table.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!