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Build Reports / Re: #VFEFRIDAY KLEIN BOTTLE!!!!!
May 04, 2021, 04:07:14 PM
I ordered a board the other day. And The dual gang pots are included, as they are custom. But the project has another dozen or so pots that will need to be purchased

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VFE Projects / Re: Blueprint Delay
September 01, 2020, 12:04:42 AM
Man that looks good.  I currently have a few vfe builds half populated.  The blueprint was the one I'm most looking forward to finishing.  Maybe I'll have to place an order to mouser sooner than I thought. 

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Open Discussion / Re: Partscaster experience?
August 25, 2020, 05:49:08 PM
looks good. I like the checking on the body.  I'm impressed at how well the gloss worked over the satin finish.  I don't have much experience doing partscasters but I know that it took me a while to get it dialed in to where I love it.

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That looks amazing.  I love the etching.  I've never seen a wah build in anything but a wah shell.  I understand that it's an led/lrd combo for the wah sound but how exactly is it attached to the treadle.  If I can understand how you built the enclosure I can foresee myself making a small buffered volume pedal. 

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I just saw that the cabm had an update that added a silver face bassman preamp.  So it may sound decent on its own

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I appreciate your feedback on the captor x.  I've been considering getting one since the original captor came out.  I love my amp tone but hate having to lug all my gear to gigs, especially since I mic my amp at every gig.  and I think the captor could fit in my pedalboard case.

If you do build the preamp pedals, I'm curious to see and hear the projects you build.  I have pondered if I should do a preamp + cab sim setup. 

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I know this is reviving a dead thread, but I have just solved the tick in my build.  My issue was a ticking or thump when in the standard mode on all wave forms when the depth was past 10:00.  I have build the vero version on tagboard and a pcb from delyk (cherry pie trem).  Both had the exact same issue.  I tried many of the suggestions above:
100n cap
jumping 33r resistor
shielding the input and output wire

none of these really worked for my issue.  The one that fixed it was placing a small cap (100pf) across the volume trim. 

Open Discussion / Re: Partscaster experience?
July 25, 2020, 09:01:46 PM
Sounds awesome! I look forward to seeing how it turns out

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Wow, those look great!  I'm a sucker for reverb so the Grotto and the Hooke have me intrigued.  I haven't seen a becton project that's as flexible as the Grotto. 
Open Discussion / Partscaster experience?
July 05, 2020, 12:10:35 AM
My main guitar for the past 8 years has been an mjt double bound tele.  I don't foresee myself ever parting with it. 

I bought mine from there eBay store as a body, neck, and hardware combo.  It was one of there no reserve bids so I saw what the body looked like before buying it.  The quality is good, though I have replaced most of the pieces on it.  But that wasn't due to quality as much as preference.  I switched out the neck, which was originally an all parts neck, for a warmoth one.  I found the original was to small for my liking in neck contour and nut width.  And I switched out the bridge and saddles for a compensated one.  So now I have a neck I prefer and a guitar that intonates better.  But since your not looking at a tele the intonation shouldn't be an issue. 

The stratosphere sells fender parts so you can pick and choose what you want.  I think they just buy guitars and sell them as parts.  Crazy parts is in Germany and they sell hardware. 

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Build Reports / Re: WaveLord Tremolo
January 28, 2020, 10:12:06 PM
That looks great.  Is there a chance that you will post a sound clip?
Build Reports / Re: Uber tuber
November 15, 2019, 11:03:35 PM
It looks awesome, how does it sound as a cleanish boost.  I'm trying to find something to go in front of my cab sim build.  So that I don't keep my wee one up all night

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