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Build Reports / Re: 3 new builds-more EHX content
« on: July 04, 2022, 07:14:10 PM »
Very nice.  I like the single wire color, looks very classy.  The white SpaceHarp board is pristine!
Thanks Gordo, it's not hard to have a clean build, I find it takes no extra time...and I'm not one to clean the board either, I don't know how some people have flux pooled all over it. And the wire thing is something I started earlier this year. I agree it's sexy AF. I always liked seeing cooder's builds with single color wiring and it's my nod to Stephan.

Build Reports / Re: 3 new builds-more EHX content
« on: July 04, 2022, 03:02:28 PM »
Nice, Iím loving it!

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Thanks Jimi!

pretty outstanding work Chris, they are all looking so clean.
I'm trying Dan, they can't all be winners unfortunately but I do put the effort in, so it's alright.

Swishness times three  8)
Thanks Stephan, not nearly as good as any of your work!

Build Reports / 3 new builds-more EHX content
« on: July 04, 2022, 12:57:22 PM »
No demos again. Lot of stuff going on, it's not really conducive with everything going on. So I have 3 builds here. First up is a V1 small stone phaser. I've now built all 3 versions from lectric-fx. Version 2 and 3 are closer in tone to each other imo. V1 has a different LFO and the shape of the phasing is much different sounding to me. Ben Grimm on matte orange enclosure.

Next is the Bassballs dual filter. This is a wild sounding filter. Some cool sounds if you want to experiment with a different type of filter. Although billed as a bass effect it also sounds cool on guitar. Mashup of original graphics with cannonball symbol on yellow tayda enclosure.

Last up is the Doctor Q envelope filter. A bare bones filter with just a sensitivity knob. The bass switch is kinda pointless except on low sens. settings on bass. Internal range trimmer for set and forget. I decided to bypass the input buffer and diode mods and go straight vintage spec, hence the missing components. Board is called doctor quack so I had to do Howard the duck on matte dark grey enclosure.

Build Reports / GOTA Power Boost-EHX LPB-1
« on: June 30, 2022, 11:57:16 AM »
Don't like 1590a builds? Me neither. Like simple boosts? Yeah, I do too. The power boost is a simple lpb-1 based on the Madbean donut. I wanted to build one but I had a really hard time finding an lpb-1 in a 125b format and I didn't want to do Vero, and I was chatting with my guy David of effectslayouts and he said say no more fam. He made this layout for me to fab boards. It was a nice surprise and a lovely gesture, one of many reasons I love the diy community. I based my design on a lesser seen version of the original unit. The colors came out great on this tayda UV print. Power Man aka Luke Cage is the power booster lol. No demo because it's a boost people, it makes things louder or more compressed. Also Im getting over covid so loud noise makes my head hurt worse. The members of the illuminati and a select group of others will be getting one of these boards to build.

Open Discussion / Re: General State of the Hobby
« on: June 25, 2022, 05:13:48 AM »
I'm pretty new to this hobby, having only really building two or so years ago.

The PCBs and small parts suppliers we have access to is amazing. I can have just about anything I need within a week or two with where I live which is pretty incredible. But honestly the thing that really makes all this so possible and so accessible is the knowledge base that the community developed online over all of these years. I have read helpful threads in old forums that have had decade long conversations about topics that are still useful today.

It's really incredible to see what has developed over the years (just from reading old DIY effects forums) and it's come to a point where it's developed enough and where the buy-in is low enough that it's something that a lot of people have access to, which is super rad.

At least that's this noobs opinion.
The knowledge base that was started years ago online by a select few really did make this all possible today. From a handleful of sites to forums littered with knowledgeable people it's pretty amazing how it's gotten to where it is today.  It's almost weird if your a musician and don't diy one thing, either guitars or Amos/pedals.

Open Discussion / Re: General State of the Hobby
« on: June 24, 2022, 08:36:04 PM »
Like many who were building prior to the pandemic, I kicked it into overdrive once it started. I used that time to get better and branch my skill set out and refine it. I agree it's the golden age of diy. Through supply chain issues, shut downs and shipping nightmares many awesome builds have come to fruition. Some of the best projects have come out the last 24 months and I'm really grateful for that. I'm glad to see the community grow and see new talent coming forward. After 4 years of heavy building I've built almost everything I could get my hands on and I'm more selective about what I build but it's great to see so many new projects to choose from. Gotta keep working to improve to skills!

Build Reports / Re: Total Recall Delay (EHX DMM)
« on: June 23, 2022, 12:26:39 PM »

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Dang! I really wasnít expecting the love Iím seeing for this! There are always so many fantastic builds on here. I thought for sure the visuals would be a bit too niche/oddball since I tend to base a lot of my stuff on weird, silly puns.
Itís hard in this day and age to make a tube screamer of all things seem interesting, so the fact that youíre all digging the graphic makes me super happy!
It's a more "mature and intellectual" group here, unlike the kids table lol


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Build Reports / Re: Orange Crush
« on: June 19, 2022, 04:46:15 PM »
Nice one Jimi, happy Father's day as well

Build Reports / Re: Tour Bus PGE
« on: June 19, 2022, 12:54:39 PM »
Amazing build, Chris! Your last few are so next level. That silver is killer.
Thanks John, means a lot from someone who's been doing work that's been inspiring me for years now. It's a lot of fun when you are really into the project and it's a pedal you really love.

Build Reports / Re: Tour Bus PGE
« on: June 18, 2022, 05:06:03 PM »
Killa bench mark build and soundz too boost, awesomesauce! Thanks for demo!
I learned from the best!

Hot damn!  Amazing build my friend 😁!
Thanks Clinton, someone has to show em how it's done lol

Build Reports / Re: Tour Bus PGE
« on: June 18, 2022, 04:18:40 PM »
Flawless, sounds absolutely amazing and loving the glamour shot with the top board unplugged
Thanks, I thought a lot about how to tastefully show under the top board. I wanted to get really nasty with it and for some reason Bender kept coming to mind.

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Build Reports / Re: Tour Bus PGE
« on: June 18, 2022, 12:58:19 PM »
Looks fantastic. I think you have the first show of a build for this. I'm a little surprised by the ticking but at least it was easily solved.
Thanks Brian, I am in love with this pedal. Playing this with the new deluxe electric mistress is the deluxe edition of my playing experience. Now I wait patiently to do it again with the nge while I get lost playing this one lol

Build Reports / Tour Bus PGE
« on: June 18, 2022, 12:27:11 PM »
First off, let me say this is a fantastic project. Kudos to Brian for a fantastic layout and build doc and Benny profane for his help in the calibration write up. Top notch all the way. This went together fast and without a hitch...well just one. I opted to use the optional speed pot instead of the switch. I had an LFO tick and it turns out the wires to the speed pot were too long and amplifying the signal elsewhere, I made them as short as possible and problem solved. Calibration was fast and pretty much down the middle  for each trimmer. The sound...classic DMM in a 125b. What's not to love here. For the enclosure I tried the new metallic silver that tayda is offering and I really like it, it's got a nice semi-gloss sheen that's not too reflective. Kang the conqueror is a man of space and time and perfect for this build. Obligatory glamour shots and video clip showing one of my favorite ways to use the memory man. I plan on doing the negative ground edition as well and running them side by side for a shorter and longer setting. Jump on this people, it's legit and it f*cks.

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