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Hey guys I'm still a total noob at this, I'm trying to gather the parts to build a slambox. I'm having difficulty with finding the capacitors and the pot-what am I looking for? Small bear list his parts differently.
Thanks for the info-It's great having this forum to learn more and more!
My Ernie Ball Volume VP JR. makes a crackling noise whenever I move it with my foot. Anybody got an idea of what I should do? I'm a total noob, so I don't know what to do.
General Questions / Part KIts-Are they woth it?
April 11, 2010, 03:42:53 AM
I intend on building my own pedals from now on, would getting parts kits from Smallbear or even Radioshack be woth it? How can tell what are high quality parts from low quality? Also say you have to use a 47 uf  Cap-how much does voltage level play into it? I've seen some 47uf caps at differing voltages.
I have a Ibanez TS9 and VOX Valvetone that I don't use. I want to use them for parts. I also have a Studio V3 Tube Mp. Can I use any of these to build an actual peal, if so what? Could I maybe build a Zendrive 2 clone?
Thanks for the Help!

DId I get the right stuff?

43K to 220K - Individual
(47K) 0903 6.8K to 39K - Individual
0903 6.8K to 39K - Individual
2201 Diode 1N270
2202 Diode 1N4001

1014 Pot, Sovtek, 100K Russian Big Muff
1001 Alpha Single-Gang 24mm, Linear & Audio Taper, Solder Terms
(500K Audio)
1311 Xicon Ceramic Capacitors, 47 pf. to 820 pf.
(100 pf.)
1311 Xicon Ceramic Capacitors, 47 pf. to 820 pf.
(150 pf.)
0902 1.1K to 6.2K - Individual
1101B Capacitor, Panasonic ECQ-V .01 mf. - .1 mf.
(.01 mf.)  0904 43K to 220K - Individual
1400 Capacitor, Electrolytic, Axial 16 V 1 mf. - 100 mf.
(10 mf.)  1400 Capacitor, Electrolytic, Axial 16 V 1 mf. - 100 mf.
(22 mf.)
1015 Trimpot, Cermet
0300 Box - Taiwanese 'BB' Size

0320 Rubber Feet 3M #SJ-5514 Pack Of 4

0828A Knob, White, Vintage

0101 Transistor Set - 3-Knob Tone Bender PNP

I'm trying to purchase the parts to build the pastyface/soul bender. I've found most but I'm having difficulty understanding the discriptions on others. One part I don't even know what it is.

I'm trying to find 100n,220n and 15n capacitors-what's then stand for? I can't seem to find it on SmallBear electronics stock list.

Also looking for the 10uF and the 22uF capacitors-Whats uF?

Also whats a BIAS 500k and the Q1-Q3 GE?

Oh, Whats a 3k3 resitor?

I can't seem to find these parts on Smallbear, what am I doing wrong?