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Open Discussion / Re: Question for Dual Humbucker people
« on: April 22, 2015, 02:44:45 PM »
Funny, i just had this discussion with a band mate during rehearsal. He has always played his Ibz les paul and he really need two volume pots. I myself really prefer only one volume knob to control it all. The other are sortof optional to me.



Anyway, i can see if i can do that measurement tomorrow.

Just to follow up this: Nope, i couldnt do the measurement. But honestly i think the result would be ambigous (correct word?) anyway. As the currentflow (i avoid the word resistance here) through a diode backwards basically is dependent on the limit for the break-through voltage (which indeed is high) you cant rely on a measurement anyway. It is drifting and is unpredictable.

We have highvoltage diodes (say 200kV, look them up at Haefely) for some work applications, and they consist of several diodes (10-20kV each) in series. And when you design such "diode arrays", each diode is also in parallel with a high-ohm (say 10M) resistor, just to control/balance the leakage current and avoid flashover. So... a resistor is necessary to define resistance.

Maybe i try to explain something with too few words here, but hopefully the main point is stated.

Good luck with your project!


Ah ok. you basically want a high-ohm resistance. Banzai have some 1G for 2.20 EUR (about the same in USD).

Anyway, i can see if i can do that measurement tomorrow.


I think i have an (old) MOhm-meter at work. I can give it a try tomorrow. I have 1N4001 and 1n4004 here. What voltages will you work with?

Why do you need this measure? It seems a bit funny to me, but i guess you have your reason? And also, it shall be possible to measure backwards on only one diode, the one that goes "forward" in your setup is really just a short in this case.


Open Discussion / Re: No joke guys, $30 bucks...
« on: April 19, 2015, 02:22:13 PM »
Congrats! I love it when it happen, and its not often! Give it some love, and you have a great thing for a lifetime!

Open Discussion / Re: Favorites
« on: April 19, 2015, 02:19:18 PM »
I use to say that i'm not a "things" guy, a statement i frequently have to take back. A few really important things in my life:

Coffee machine: Isomac Giada
Electric guitar: Current fave is my home-made telecaster. When i have fixed my old strat, that one will be my fave again. Because its yellow.
My HiFi rack. Nothing special / worth mentioning, just good stuff and i like it.
Guitar amplifier: Suhr / Custom Audio Amplifier PT-50. I dont have words enough to say how good this thing is.
Tuner: Polytune stompbox.
Piano: G. Schwechten upright. I paid nothing(!) for it, it is old, beautiful and holds tuning allright.
Measurement device: Fluke 12
Sleeping place: My bed. Love it.
"effect" stompbox: Low Rider, Cardinal
OD / Distortion: Ble Monster
Tape: blue
Author (because i just cant pick one title... but i CAN pick an author): Peter Hoeg. No idea how many titles from him is translated, but there should be a bunch.
Garment: tie.
Car: No serious interest, but i like to have one and i do!



How Do I? Beginner's Paradise. / Re: Solid vs Stranded?
« on: April 15, 2015, 01:01:45 PM »
I know it's a old topic, but for those who where asking for an european dealer carrying pre-bonded wire, Banzai has it!
This is the red one, but there's a variety of colours available!
Hope it helps :D

Great bump on an old thread with such news. That must be a new product in Banzais assortment. Really good to know.


Well I never survive 149 takes. My voice gets tired after three, so I better nail one of the first takes!

... on the other hand, as a rule of thumb I use to say that you need to practice a song 100 times before you really know it / feel it. So 149 takes makes sense.


I'm going to guess this is a sim, simply because it's VERY high gain but doesn't sound noisy like I'd expect a mic'd setup to sound. But I think there's also at least one pedal involved.

And sure you are right. All simulation. No physical pedals though; All guitars recorded through my old POD 2.0. If i remember right there were 8 guitartracks on the chorus.

So let's play a game. Say whether you think the track is a sim or real amp, and then post a track or two of your own so the next person can take a guess about those.p
I did this on the n-track forum years ago, based on the idea that in a mix, it really doesn't matter too much.  I recorded/mixed a song and split the guitar using my mixer to get a clean track that got the ampsim later on (analoguesuite jcm800) and the other went to my marshall vs102r which was miced.  One track is hard panned left, and the other hard right.  Actually, this was probably over 10 years ago so they might actually be separately recorded tracks.  Either way, it was the same guitar/interface.

The results were about 50/50 right/wrong.

Even the plugin developers got in and had a go - and they got it wrong.

This is the song here if anyone wants to have a crack.

...gotta put in a serious guess here too:

The right panned guitar is the mik-d amp/cab.

...again, i cant be sure. And the simulator is the simulanalog guitar suite? Good stuff. We made a four-song record with it:)


Open Discussion / Re: Comic books: what are you into?
« on: April 04, 2015, 01:36:48 AM »
Nowadays i just love Judge Dredd. Whenever i putting my foot in a second-hand place i look for comics with him.

Good old Asterix, Tintin and Lucky Luke is brilliant too. I read a lot of MAD magazines when i was younger, and was especially into Sergio Aragones and Don Martin; though they somehow have lost their brilliance over the years.

We have a few fantastic comic artists in sweden too, a favourite is Joakim Pirinen. No idea if he is translated to other languages though. He's character SockerConny ("Sugar Conny") is a classic.

Very interesting. I saw your last "updated-cardinal-thread" too. It's going to be pcb-s for sale?

I gigged yesterday with my "good old" Cardinal, still one of my favourite boxes. One of the 3-4 that i really use:) .. this looks indeed as a nice update.


Build Reports / Re: NOEL Overdrive (Skreemah)
« on: March 28, 2015, 06:59:31 PM »
Thanx for encouraging words guys:)


Very creative work on the enclosure.  I'm curious about what's holding the LED in place.  I don't see any glue.

The top middle lug of the stomp switch is wired directoy to one leg of the LED, I believe.
Yes that is correct. The LED cathode leg is directly soldered into one stomp lug. A small bend on the leg and it will stay in place by its own tension. I find it convenient.


Build Reports / Re: NOEL Overdrive (Skreemah)
« on: March 28, 2015, 08:58:39 AM »
sweet build, Bengt. How did you do the coloring? blue enclosure sprayed yellow, taped, then sprayed red?
the only small constructive criticism I would like to provide is the LED. I would have gone with yellow or blue fitting the enclosure.  :)

Thanx for asking. I'm playing with some new techniques. This one is actually quite simple, a bit timeconsuming though. Very close to your thesis:
(I add another pic, more true to the side coloring, i skipped this pic in the first place simply because it has unwanted dustspots and the direct sun killed some of its sharpness)

First i sprayed the box yellow and the lid white. then taping them together to sync the tape, and carefully (well...) cut the tape between the lid and box. Then sprayed red on the box and yellow on the lid (you see the lid is yellow, its next to the gutshot pic above^^). Then i carefully "bursted" some yellow and blue to the box sides, and blue on the lid sides. Then remove the tape and carefully (well hhrrrm again...) sanded the small edges that occur between the color layers; finally clearcoat, wetsand and polish. I'm not sure the "burst" added any artistic quality, but i felt like trying.


Build Reports / Re: NOEL Overdrive (Skreemah)
« on: March 28, 2015, 07:44:14 AM »
He named his son overdrive? That's AWESOME!  ;)

 ;D hehe... oh those modern times!


Thanx Guys:)


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