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Build Reports / CopperCake
« on: May 02, 2015, 01:44:55 AM »
Madbean's CupCake!

First time i ever built an OrangeSqueezer.  :o

I re-used an old enclosure for this one with a quite tight 16mm pot layout...

And i also tried the J620 dual package JFET in SMT........... thing is tiny!

And it finally gave this....

Build Reports / In a galaxy near you...
« on: April 30, 2015, 04:55:27 AM »
Stomptown most excellent GalacticonDX, best sounding Phase45 i've built so far, thought the blend would not be so usefull since this phaser is more subtle but it's indeed a great addition, filter switch is also great.

Build Reports / Tight Metulz! ...w/Fizzy CrapClip
« on: April 29, 2015, 11:05:15 PM »
Juansolo sent me couple months ago these boards, layout by Kunfuz, Eagle schematic by Chuckbuick from the most excellent Dragon Armor project... wow! lol

In the name of Chugg, that's a lot of chugging for such a small box. Nailed perfectly those old Suffocation/Dying Fetus toanz.. friggin' awesome!

Killer layout!

And the bus.... a buddy is doing some intensive speaker, power amp routing.... needed some boxes.

Finally found a use for those 3PDT washers i've been collecting forever.

Build Reports / JoeB's and his meatloaf
« on: April 27, 2015, 04:58:22 AM »
Panos (teknoman2) take on the Dunlop Bonamassa FuzzFace... gotta say that it sound quite.... ...yeah.. good... this is the first time that i put one together and that i feel like it's working correctly. lol

So yep! Here's my first FuzzFace!

That was roomy...

Had this board populated for a long time, 2N404 in Q1 and Q2 with respectively 83hFe & 108hFe, no leakage. Highly tweakable via the bias trimmer, goes from splattery still responsive to more tight with a good attack fuzz.

The MeatLoaf, boxed another mini turret MH, only difference from the previous is the 2PDT and used a fishie cap for the output, same value tho.

Make me a reasonable offer and the MH is yours ;)


Build Reports / Phattie... w/Clip
« on: April 23, 2015, 12:55:20 AM »
Fat spec'd MeatHead on mini turret board and flying ptp...

Always liked that fuzz a lot, never been able to keep one for me, hopefully this one will.

DPDT comes from an old Morley PowerFuzz wah that i had modded, knob from random bulk vintage knob i grab... and other bits and bobs that are older than me. :)

I had populated couple of those turrets little time ago, got that awesome stuff from the good folk at DWJ amps in UK in a trade we did, stuff is no longer available but is just perfect for this sort of thing.

Open Discussion / NPPD!
« on: April 20, 2015, 11:32:53 AM »
New Playoff Pimpage Day!

I know there's couple hockey fans out here... i had thought of doing a playoff thread but did'nt knew if it would have worked out... anyway.. here are my colors!  ;D

Habs are currently leading 3-0 in first round against the Ottawa Senators! lml

Been really tight so far, yesterdays game from middle of 3rd period until they scored in OT almost got the best out of me.. so much stress. haha!

Otherwise, my favored team in the west is the BlackHawks, always liked them since i was a youth...

Happy playoffs to anyone who's enjoying hockey!


Open Discussion / NTD!
« on: April 16, 2015, 02:44:18 AM »
Ha Ha!

Open Discussion / After...
« on: April 02, 2015, 02:56:43 AM »
I had'nt thought i'd have a new guitar today...

2 days ago a friend sent me picture of a guitar he was selling, i was quite interested as it had Filtertrons... ...and i LOVE those pickups, a bigsby and chambered body.... but with a center block and mainly because it was a Gretsch!

I thought that one would allow me to make dirtier Gretsch things... so i picked it up for a try today.... ...and now she's on the bench receiving the welcome treatment....  :o

My buddy bought it in 2011 and changed the string on it one time and she've seen barely no use, stored in its case. He was already asking a reasonable price for it but i worked out a pedal trade plus cash.... so the unexpected event is not heavy as having a R9 dropped at your door step :)

So here's the before pics as i'm doing couple simple mods to it...while cleaning it up and doing basic maintenace on it.

The strings where'nt passed under the trem roller bar, she kept her tuning but i could'nt really use the trem, still sounded damn good!

The control cavity is a bit depressing...  :-\

Open Discussion / I found this interesting...
« on: March 31, 2015, 02:39:00 PM »
Jason linked me to this table.... but yeah, found it interesting, nice mentions around 40minutes ;)

[ Invalid YouTube link ]

Open Discussion / Fake Bands for Fake Merch.... the Curnchy Part!
« on: March 24, 2015, 02:14:11 AM »
I find this endeavor from H&M very offending... in an era where actual band in the underground scene, no matter the musical style... or simply emerging acts that are trying to make their way, that makes lot of sacrifice to tie both ends in order to live their dream or ambitions.... you've got those big buisness selling total bullshit in the name of greed and taking everyone for dumbasses....


Build Reports / TTTOP
« on: March 23, 2015, 07:15:10 AM »
Tap Tempo Trem-O-Phase, because doing hassle free projects is not permitted..... now laughing of it... ...but Faawwwkk that i wanted to throw it by the window couple time.. hahaha!

So this is David's TwinPeak Tremolo into his Liquid Mercury Phasor, in theory and practice the idea seemed to be fairly easy, i might have overlooked this one a bit i did couple newbie mistakes (always good to remind you, that) and other stuff that where just out of my knowledge that i had to fry them in the name of science to know if it would work or not.

Picstory accompained with all the problems i went through :D

At this stage i had drilled the enclosure and thought i had took good measurements for everything... but NO! the jacks on the side that where suppose to be the main in and out even if at the lowest they can in the enclosure so they sit flat, i had'nt thought of the sandwiched pcb design these are... so it was sticking too high out of the enclosure so i can put the lid on, so i used the jacks that where meant to be the switching loop between the effects.
I also had to dremel out the center top screw standoff so i could fit the jack, that was part of the plan tho... what would be a build without a lovely dremelin' session.

I grabbed the TwinPeak fully populated and tested PCB from Jubal81 wich is per his habit populated and assembled using quality components and great craftmanship, no problems would occur with this part... ...i had thought...  ::)

Dropped the primary Phaser pcb in there and decided to plug the power just to see if my tempo LED was working, it was, unplugged and continued... and that's where it turned ape shit! haha

After i added the second pcb of the Phaser, i went to try the effect, tapping the tempo was just affecting the phaser, the trem was sounding wonky... not responding accurately to the settings and was'nt able to get any of the modes to work right all together, when i fixed one, another would start bugging...

I then spent more time looking at the schem and realised that one of the tap tempo input receives 5V but i had connected both tempo together on the same switch, so i was in fact driving a bit under 10V to the TAPFLO tempo input pin... for some mysterious reasons, it only fried the Trem MCU, phaser was all good.

But then i had a problem, i wanted a remote out or external Tempo In using a Tip/Sleeve Jack... so if i wanted to do that i had to sync both MCU together, so i hooked a wire to the Clock output of the phaser Taplfo so i can then send it to the Trem. Luckily i had an extra flashed MCU courtersy of Cody (selfdestroyer), so that was a no brainer now. Once that wire was hooked i took some reading of the clock output, i hoped that it was only sending the source clock signal through it... ... but No! It's outputing whatever the setting you have dialed in... so my 2 effects would'nt be independant anymore as all i wanted was to have the source tempo to be sync'd...

Plan B:

I'd had to use a DPDT for the Tap but i had only drilled one hole for the Tempo LED and it would only show the behavior of one of the 2 effects... blurgh blurgh blurgh blurgh... a fattie later... as i now really needed to calm down... this kind of stuff irritates me... lol.  I thought.. YES! i'll use a bicolor LED! Nooooo.. they are common positive and i need common negative for this as the blinky blinking comes as V+...meh... So i waded through the stash of LED remembering that i had once ordered wrong Tri-Color LED that had a common negative...... FOUND 'EM!

By that time, the Trem was now out as i tried bunch of things on it before i found that i had fried the tapflo, took out the TS jack for remote, replaced with a TRS isolated... will now need a TRS cable but it's ok, that flexibility i wanted is now there.

Final Gut Shot! ....well.. maybe not, i still have an issue with some DC coming out of the Trem output in the BlackFace mode and the Treble only being wonky....

I brought a mod from my past Mutron PhasorII clones into this one aswell, added a 4PDT toggle to switch between Phaser and Univibe modes and made the 4-6-8 stages switch external as it gives a good load of different filter voicings when the Vibe mode is engaged. I used Tayda LDR as i had used them successfully in my PhasorII builts and that i did'nt had any VTL5C3/2 laying around, those will be swapped as i have some on their way courtesy of Jason :)

And too go along my multi-crowded pedalboard concept i used a bit of dremelage for the enclosure finish...

Now that it's almost done... just needing couple fixes and fine tune the whole thing, it's very satsifying and will do exactly what i wanted. Props to David for putting together these circuits, they are awesome and very easy to put together despite their complexity if you do everything by the rules, thanks to Cody for the TAPFLO, legend like DMM measurements on his TwinPeak to help me out and Jason for the flawless TwinPeak setup that i ruined! Ha Ha....


Open Discussion / LavaCable Soldered MiniPlugs
« on: March 22, 2015, 02:03:45 AM »
Hi Ho, i'm at the moment where i think that i could start thinking that it might be time that i settle on a pedalboard configuration... hmmm yeah.. quite uncertain of that still... ...But!

I want plugs compact as the GeorgeL's, Lava or Chandler but i don't want solderless, i totally dislike that *technology*.

So, after spending much time shopping for plugs, the only one i found that would suit my need is the Lava soldered mini as they are the same size as their solderless. It's mainly their cost that makes ask the question here, anyone tried them? How is it to assemble them?

I can't use pancakes or other 90degree plugs (i.e.Neutrik) due to the spacing of the multiple jacks on some of my pedals, no need to suggest those, it won't work and i want to use the same type of plug through out the pedalboard.



Build Reports / LoopCore
« on: March 09, 2015, 02:10:04 AM »
Yo! As i'm trying to get through the purposed built pedals for my MarkIV setup, i finished what is going to be the core of my FXLoop.

It starts with a MasterBypass provided by 1776's Relay system followed by a loop into Madbean's ZPDD Delay into a loop into 1776's RaDD DLX Reverb into a loop and then Madbean's 2010 Bloviator/SonicMaximizer that was etched by Guitarmaggedon couple years ago that i salvaged from another multi into another loop and then the output...

The amount of jack loop is almost ridiculous but this way i can break the whole unit in blocks and keep the master bypass for the whole loop effect chain... ...and also because building other multis to fill the loops is required.



Open Discussion / Booteekers, i'm calling you out!
« on: March 08, 2015, 02:17:16 AM »
As i know that lots of booteek builders visit this forum, i thought that i'd share my facebook page rant of the night...

I don't mean to sound like an ass here but... ...this matter have been weighting on me for a while now.
All of our DIY layouts are allowed to be used for production by small builders and even larger scale as it have happened many times and it's something that i'm proud of as it shows that our stuff delivers the goods and that is appreciated by a mass of players.
Though, the only thing that bugz me a bit is when pedal builder uses our schems, values per values, make their own PCB and then claim that it's their original design. The GrindCrew is made of people that are passionate of this hobby and our biggest reward is knowing that our circuits are enjoyed.
So yeah, feel free to use our stuff for your personal buisness, just let us know by a message or email, we'll appreciate it but mostly, a form of respect and honesty will be showed.

End of rant.


This does'nt just apply to us, but to any PCB Flogger that comes out with original designs, make them public so the DIY community can enjoy it.

My point is simply that there's too much bullshit out there.  :-\

If the mods judge that this is inappropriate, i will understand.


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