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Open Discussion / Mouser, Customs, Taxes, Foreign Orders
« on: March 06, 2015, 04:43:36 PM »
I've been ordering on a regular basis from Mouser for the past 3 years, at least 1 order every 2 months, always 200$ orders since the shipping was free and fast.

For the first time this month, 2 of my orders got stuck at the borders and had to pay sale taxes on them, Total of 435$ of order for around 150$ of sale taxes i had too pay on top.

I'm not complaining here.... but still that i prefered when i was'nt paying taxes on my orders (who would'nt!?).

My question is, any of you from CanuckLand made some orders lately and had to pay sale taxes?

On another note, while all that got stuck at the customs i was in the middle of working trip and unbable to call FedEx in the buisness hours to settle the payment of the taxes so i get delivery of my packages. Since my living location is deserved by an independant courrier... so they won't take credit card payment on delivery of the package.
So i went through alot of email exchange with a customer service employee at Mouser called Juliannetta... Huge props to that women as she always answered my email and setup the whole payment thing with FedEx for me, thing that they usually don't do.... So yeah, most excellent service from those folks and if i could i'd get a flower delivered to her. ;)


Build Reports / In Time and Space... Deluxe!
« on: February 22, 2015, 01:24:41 AM »
JMK Pedals Hamlet Taptempo Delay.
Tenebrion w/Long decay module.
Jack switching loop between the 2 effects.
TapTempo remote input.

Had to ommit the tails and Time/Division LED because of issues i could'nt solve, it still deliver the goods tho! Had to find a way to fill those LED holes, so i went with rivets... suits my style.

It's going to a close friend, he will probably make a quality clip of it as he's well rigged for it and really good player to boot. :D

Will post that clip when it happens.



Build Reports / Boring built for a cool job... and a Mod.
« on: February 07, 2015, 07:29:24 PM »
It happens that some jobs i accept to take asks for only a utility device like in this case, an ABY box... ...but it's the whole setup in the end that gets me into it.

I have'nt took pics of the other stuff i did... but short story.. the guy (bass player) had a 410 GallienKruger cab with a GK 1001RB head, last week he purchased a very nice condition Traynor YB2A and asked me if he could run both in the same cab and toggle between them. I said yes, sounded like fun.

So i modded the cab so it runs in stereo, one of the side is setup for the BiAmp function of the GK head and the other side is a 210 Full Range for the Traynor.

The end result is a compact professionnal sounding rig where you have your clean and dirty bass sound running in parrallel. Loving it!

Open Discussion / DNPD and a quite cool repair job...
« on: January 31, 2015, 02:27:28 AM »
Some tasty pedals came in this week!

First, my FFX ClusterFuzz! First unit to make some noise in Canuck land! ;D

Amazing fuzz to play with, kinda hard these days to bring something new to the table... ...but this one is up to the game and by far.

Dave, is the laser engraver 3 axis?

Next is a DOD 690 AnalogDelay that popped on Reverb for quite cheap, as i was wondering if grabbing it or not... ...Cortexturizer who was hunting analogs at the same moment also poked me to grab it... lulz... could'nt resist.

Jubal81 grabbed it for me as he had other stuff to ship my way. :D

uBer Reticon BBD! The pedal needs a bit of love, cap job and clean up some previous work that had been done on it previously, otherwise it sounds great, kinda dark and the oscillation can be very musical.

Pictured with his Chorus bro!

Here a pedal i wish could be mine that came in for repair, have'nt had time yet to even plug into it or do any kind of search... but the sliders grabbed me by the feelings.

Unicord JumboFuzz

Build Reports / NotSoCompleteBuildReport
« on: January 25, 2015, 01:00:47 PM »
This is probably the built that have irritated me the most in the last couple months... it first started as a cool pedal trade with a well known member here.. sounds simple uh?

I first built it wich took me a while since i was always out there in the wild... when i finally sent it, it came back to me as i did a mistake in the shipping adress. Once it came back it was'nt working anymore... ...dunno what the hell happened there. After trying to debug the thing couple time without success i decided to start over.. and here it is now.

No top shot of this one as i'll leave the owner of the pedal take the final shot of it.

Madbean NutronII board using our PLFO in replacement of the stock one as it offer a shape control and behave better to my ears aka NotAPhasorII.

Build Reports / In Time and Space... (well... not much of the later...)
« on: January 25, 2015, 12:48:01 AM »
Madbean ZPDD Delay into our Tenebrion Reverb.

Was quite a tight fit, had to mount some of the ZPDD components on the solder side so i can overlap the 3PDT daughter boards....

BLMS PowderCoated 1590BB, not Pro grade coating but with some sanding and stealth letter punch.. it can lead somewhere...

See, i've matched my underwear!

Open Discussion / NJD and now a question!
« on: January 24, 2015, 04:56:33 PM »
New Jaguar Day!

New Single Coil Day! Have'nt owned a guitar with singles in the last 14 years or so...

New OffSet Day! Other than weird heteromorphic shaped metal guitars i never owned offset body guitars.

After a week of trying to catch a meeting with the local store owner, mixed in there the fact that i'm gone 4 days a week up north.. i finally managed to bring this Jag home. Did a straight trade against the Marshall 1960Lead 412 that was really not in my alley sound wise.

Got the Jag, gigbag and Fender strap against the cab, pretty good deal that is imo. :)

Fender Fanboi pic.... something i'm not really... ...but oh well!

Now i only have one spot left on my guitar wall... will have to make the right choice for the next one!

Guitar sounds pretty good as is, the bridge pickup might be a bit bright to my taste... more bright than the 'troncaster wich i thought was the pinnacle of guitar brightness... might put a cap directly on that pickup conductors to tame it a bit. Otherwise bunch of nice sounds out of this, the neck + bridge pickup in serie are made for fuzz, no matter what i've thrown at it, it was responding better than any of my other guitars, must be a single coil thing.

The clean are very nice and deep when using the upper control section... ...dunno what it really does, but it sounds great! Response is fantastic with envellopes and compressors, my current funk fun is well taken care of.

Always had respect for the Squier Classic Vibe series and this one is up to the game!



Currently looking at getting myself a bedroom rocker setup to test out pedals... the goal and idea being, if with a hobbyist/budget oriented rig i can make my stuff sound bonkers, it should sound or have the ability to sound nice in most setup.

So i need a good budget guitar, single coils favored for this use so i can clearly hear the floor noise level of things... like with Compressors, etc.. pretty much made my choice on that, trading my Marshall 412 cab for a Squier CV Jaguar that i'm going to pick up this afternoon.

Where i need a bit of help is for the amp, i was thinking of small wattage Fender, Orange or Vox combos.

Definitly want something that have a good clean and that will take dirt pedals VERY well.

What do you guys have to suggest me?



Build Reports / CC
« on: January 17, 2015, 11:21:31 PM »
Classic Chorus

MB PorkBarrel with Depth mod, Rate/Depth LED indicator, Vibe switch, MN3007.

Open Discussion / RingModulators, what are you guy using?
« on: January 16, 2015, 11:22:54 AM »
So yesterday i was listening to A Perfect Circle - Mer de Noms, the opening track The Hollow uses one in the second riff.. looks like it could be a Moog MF102.... though that is a bit pricey... but much awesomeness.

Was wondering what you guys where using, i have some BitCrushers and other weirdo stuff but no RingMods... any DIY layout out there that i should pay attention too and what are you using?



Open Discussion / Wich filter/phaser is that?
« on: January 15, 2015, 06:35:01 PM »
While listening to this album... i realised that i could'nt make that sound... i have a huge array of phasers and filters, usually quite good at nailing effects.. but this time, no.

Anyone knows what Mike is using here:

Open Discussion / If the moon was a pixel....
« on: January 05, 2015, 10:56:53 PM »
It's kinda insane when you look at it that way....  :o

Open Discussion / All of a sudden, they all appeared....part 2!
« on: December 30, 2014, 03:54:09 PM »
NPD today... some pedals that where bought couple months ago but that where kept in a transition spot in case... there would be more to add... with other random purchases through out that.. funny thing is that all the packages came in today. Still missing one that i have to go grab at the post office a bit later.

So first!

EHX PitchFork that was purchased for me by Cody (selfdestroyer, Thanks Man!) in the goal of having it before it was available in Quebec... LOL, missed my shot on that part....

Thing is pretty fun, been summoning evil forces since i got it... Thou Shall Play in Minor! lml

But i think in some modes it work better with standard tuned guitars, not everything sounds right with my guitars tuned in Drop Bb... very fun little pedal. :)

Mark would have make it neater than that...

Because they do!

Next is two addition to my MIJ Serie9 collection (i can now call it like that, i think)

CS9 and FL9 from the early 80's, CS9 does'nt have it's label on the back but the guts are up to it.

CS9 really makes me think of the CE2 with Depth Mod, tried the CS9, CE2 and modded PorkBarrel side by side and it's pretty much the conclusion i came up with, CS9 have a bit more brilliance to it overall too.

FL9 sounds good too, not too metallic sounding... ...though it wont get as wild as my Ross with th Regen and Depth cranked.

Love them, great pedals, built right.



Family shot! :D

Last for now... EHX Mini QTron ... dunno where they saw the mini in that.. thing is

Have'nt seen much of those, will have to make some search to know in wich time they where made, though... Scruffie must know! :D

It's what it is, a Qtron with less controls but that don't take to much on the efficiency of the envellope it self.

It have previously been modded to TrueBypass from what i see here.

Once the bassballs is sorted.. this one might end in the SpamFilter devellopement.. instead of the DoctorQ... much more interesting overall.

Open Discussion / For the Festivus guys... what you doing?
« on: December 24, 2014, 04:26:55 PM »
So i'm off all party and what not for the holydays, could have been nice to have a family reunion but it did'nt turned out that way....

I'll probably get a call from some drunk friend after midnight to go hang with them but in the meanwhile... i'm attacking my DoppleGanger from Alan and Ian groupbuy.

What are you other lonely dude doing?


Build Reports / In Swwwwoooooosssshhhhhh we trust!
« on: December 23, 2014, 11:20:00 PM »
Yo! This project started couple months ago, i never knew these existed until i saw Juan and Cleggy pulling some of these out and found them to be amazing and a MUST to build... almost entering them in the Rites of Passage kind of built... for me that is.

So i got a board etched by Haderbasher, then took full of notes after chatting with Juan and refering to all the information on his Stompage... ...then came time about the enclosure, the type of effect this is, with no knobs just switches.... ...i thought that my finishing techniques would'nt be up to the Epicness of this built so i decided to go for the full monty!

I gave white card to John to design me an enclosure with the killer Envirotex technique that Cleggy got, deceived i was not... ...fucking amazed i surely was! ;D

Then time came to populate this board, something i had done for the most part many weeks ago....

Just the traces on this layout are worth the built... ...forgot to take a shot of the actual pcb when i got it.. but here's the transfer, things where so artsy back then...

Ok.... to get this thing to properly works, there's some slight modification to perform on the circuit (value and part change) but you also need a +12V/-12V Bipolar PSU and an input buffer, using a klon buffer.

Matched 6 pack JFET came from Stomptown in a nice little semi-conductor trade we had going, thanks Jon! :)

The enlcosure came all prepp'd, Josh's OptoBypass, jacks and speed switch where all hooked when i got it... when you put your nose in the work of John... you fast realise that craftmanship can be brought at a totally other level.

So i did my best to stuff this box to be up to the game, wich i think i nailed.

It fired up first time, got the Bias, Balance and Feedback setup and sounded GREAT!!! though i have a little issue with my switching, inverted some wires, going to fix that... and then..... post the exterior ;)


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