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Build Reports / Low Profile Doppelgaenger
« on: July 26, 2013, 02:35:35 AM »
Hi everyone,
I've just finished this Lovetone Doppelganger phaser on AlanP's fantastic board, many thanks to everyone who made this possible (Lacesensor, AlanP and I'm sure there's others).
I was a bit apprehensivce after reading about LFO ticking issues with this, but it all worked out sweet, fired up first time and sounds friggin' AMAZING!
I had only the faintest ticking when testing outside of box, but boxed up and mounted on board it is perfect and I've been through many different settings (although there's so many good sounds in this box with all the controls and interactivity...).
I did use Smallbear 20k/2Meg LDRs, Tayda diff green LEDs and covered them in heatshrink so there's no interference, everything really as in AlanP's project doc.
It's wired in true bypass and I used a second footswitch for the dual LFO switch, which I find really useful.
Not too sure if I will label the controls as I do like the swirly look without anything else, but then there's a bunch of unusaul dials here, so I might end up putting labels on, will see how necessary I find it using it.
One thing that might also help to avoid LFO ticking ios that I have it after a buffer (after Klon with bypass buffer), so maybe that's something to try for anyone who has got issues with that?
Anyway, I dig it!


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