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I use a Gator G Bus to run my board.  I just tried a dedicated 9v supply with the same result.

To clarify, I get hiss at every position of the frequency knob, but the pitch changes low to high as I turn it clockwise.  It may not get louder, but it seems louder with the higher pitch.

If I turn the volume down on my guitar the hiss seems overwhelming.  If I turn the guitar up, the hiss is still there but only noticeable when I stop playing - it kind of resembles single coil hiss in that regard.  However, it is loud enough when not playing to make me not want to keep the pedal engaged.  BTW I have been doing most of the testing on my strat, but I also tested it on an Ibanez with 2 HBs with the same result.
Hi - This is my first Madbean pedal, but I have ~ 20 successful builds.

My Karate Shop worked first time (great board & documentation, BTW!).  The problem is hiss.  The hiss is pretty loud, and gets worse as I turn the frequency knob clockwise.  I just verified all component values and orientation.  All stock values, with C1 using the recommended substitute of 2.2n.

Has anyone else had this issue?  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks, Bob