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Build Reports / Re: Lectric FX Bloozehound (Boss BD-2)
« Last post by TGP39 on Today at 09:40:51 PM »
I'm really admiring your soldering lately.  Guts look fantastic as usual. 
Dawson:   Check out this article from R.G. keen

Build Reports / Re: Lectric FX Bloozehound (Boss BD-2)
« Last post by diablochris6 on Today at 09:07:44 PM »
Gnarly look there! I think you nailed that skater punk vibe.That's a real sneaky way to attach the resistors to the pot.
Tech Help - Projects Page / Re: DBA Echo Dream - with reward
« Last post by Torgoslayer on Today at 08:47:53 PM »
Not gonna lie. I would totally build a pedal that only made that sound.
Open Discussion / Re: Can you identify these Russian Diodes?
« Last post by Bunkey on Today at 06:50:29 PM »
Having sorted through them they're all in the high 770's / 780's with a few exceptions like this double marked casing and a couple that were hovering around 820:

I considered just asking the seller what they are but I got them mixed in with a 100 lot of D9K's at an appalling 70:30 ratio so I think he might have been trying to cut the larger lots of Ge's with these non-descript Si blanks; he doesn't have anything like these listed as anything else in the shop (like I say, his D9D's have bands). I queried it immediately at the time and he sent me another 50 D9K's without question - So it's a bit of an awkward subject to approach again!

Interesting stuff anyway. For now they shall be called 'Mystery Russians'  :P though they are very much Si diodes, at least the ones I have.

I'm tempted to try some of the D9D's you linked to see how they compare - should be 330 / 340 - I've sent the seller a message to see what he says.
I certainly haven't come across the markings before though.

Thanks for the help.
Global Annoucements / Re: Upcoming January releases and sale
« Last post by madbean on Today at 06:40:52 PM »
Cool, mang thank you!

I should have the last doc up tomorrow. The Mysterioso build is giving me a bit of trouble so I need to do some sleuthing. Anyway, assuming that's all good I'll get some stuff boxed up on Wednesday and start shooting some demos. I want to have demos released at the same time as the boards. So, I think Friday is the likely day for everything to drop.
Tech Help - Projects Page / Re: DBA Echo Dream - with reward
« Last post by flanagan0718 on Today at 05:25:04 PM »
**Necro post**

Hey Felix,
I recently got one of these board and I am going to see if there is anything I can find. Been wanting one for a while and what better way than to trouble shoot this board that was already laid out for me! I will update if / when i find something. PS thanks for the zip file with all your notes!
General Questions / Aion Blueshift not chorusing
« Last post by Philthy on Today at 05:15:37 PM »
Hi All,

My worst trouble-shooting nightmare has been realized - my Blueshift build was boxed and refused rock. :-[

1. Bypass signal  - fine.
2. Engaged signal  - no chorus effect. Sounds just like the bypassed signal with maybe a tad fewer highs (or more lows).
3. Unable to adjust both bias points. They are both reading 3.7v (off a 9.2v supply) and do not move when the trim pots are rotated.

Stock bypass.

I double checked IC and transistor orientation and reflowed pretty much all solder joints prior to boxing.

Will take some IC readings soon, but would appreciate any initial thoughts - even those relating to reducing the amount of IC readings as that is going to be a challenge!!

Disassembled pics

Preassembly PCB rear shots (not the best sorry)


General Questions / Re: Tascam MF-P01 - Power won't turn on
« Last post by gordo on Today at 05:13:21 PM »
Looks tough to get to but I'd start at the power jack and start working backwards thru the diode.  I've done SO many repairs on pedals that had a board mounted DC jack that the solder joint failed because of mechanical stress put on it.  I've also had instances of the jack itself throwing in the towel.
Build Reports / Re: Lectric FX Bloozehound (Boss BD-2)
« Last post by dawson on Today at 04:33:51 PM »
Another awesome graphic!  I really like the colors you used against the sanded enclosure, that dusty pink is great.
Super tight wiring and soldering that dual POT- I didn't know a B could be used to make an A taper- I'll surely be looking into that, thanks a lot for sharing!
Build Reports / Re: Triiiumvirate Build Completed
« Last post by dawson on Today at 04:26:15 PM »
Wow- the level of precision in your assembly is staggering to a new guy like me.
I like the layout of your graphics too- everything is labeled clearly and cogently regardless of the different knob sizes (a personal struggle I face.)
Super nice!
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