Author Topic: Anyone else have this happen with Tayda enclosure purchases?  (Read 264 times)


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Anyone else have this happen with Tayda enclosure purchases?
« on: November 15, 2022, 11:40:10 PM »
So, I know there's a contact section for them, but has anyone messed up an order and needed to fix it?

Specifically, I submitted a 1590BB, drill, UV print service and then bought all of the things in the store section. Turns out I neglected to order the UV GLOSS item WHICH DOESN'T APPEAR IN THE @#$%ING STORE BUT AS A NON-CLICKABLE LINK IN THE PRINT SERVICE ITEM DESCRIPTION.

Seriously, let me just break for a minute and just say how utterly BROKEN the UX with their eCommerce is. I do UX and UI design for a living, and I could solve the user flow (sadly not the coding work) in under and hour. It's just the worst. SERIOUSLY just put this @#$%ing thing in the main store! Don't hide it behind another product's item page! JUST PUT IT IN THE STORE. YOU'VE ALREADY PUT THE PRINT SERVICE AND DRILL ITEMS THERE, JUST FINISH THE DAMNED LIST OF $#!@ YOU NEED SLKDFGLSLIDUGYALISDUJGHZLDSKGHZSDLKGJP8OI43WUTLIOSJDGLK

Okay, anyway. Has anyone done this same thing and solved the un-purchased GLOSS issue? it's been three days already and not a single person has responded to the support ticket. Should I buy the item on its own? (there's a $5 min, so I'd have to put some superfluous $#!@ in there, too)?

Anyway, I KNOW this isn't Tayda's support center, but thought I'd ask if anyone had run into this problem and what customer support said to remedy the situation.


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Re: Anyone else have this happen with Tayda enclosure purchases?
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2022, 03:37:46 PM »
k, I want to do a bit of self crit.  This whole thing is partly my fault, but Tayda definitely needs to step up the eComm UX game.

My package has finally shipped, and some lessons learned here:
  • Read every damned word
  • Be aware of the back and forth you need to do (these orders require actions on both the taydakits domain and the taydaelectronics domain); again, bad, bad UX, but they're not paying me to audit and fix it…
  • Having grown up in the print world, their verbiage just collided with my print tribal knowledge, so maybe someone who isn't a designer won't have an issue
  • Understand that EACH element of the enclosure ordering process is a la carte:
    • [Hammond size number] Style Aluminum Diecast Enclosure [color/style] 
    • [Hammond size number] ENCLOSURE CUSTOM DRILL SERVICE
    • [Hammond size number] ENCLOSURE FACE UV PRINTING SERVICE
    • {no size} optional second layer of white [/i]
That gloss layer item was incredibly hard to find, not least because their site search is incredibly obtuse: you search for "gloss" and you get nothing; you search "additional" and you get a drill item in case you have more than 40 holes in your drill pattern? \_(ツ)_/

I'll probably think of something else. But even though they tell you "contact us" I didn't get a single reply to my customer service ticket, fwiw.

Better to just take your time and get it right on the first shot.

Also, I had a load of other components in this order besides the enclosure—I was trying to save money, but an order won't ship until it's ALL done.
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Re: Anyone else have this happen with Tayda enclosure purchases?
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2022, 05:30:33 PM »
Tough break man. Next time, you'll know.
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