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02.08 - Uproar documenatation updated

Started by madbean, February 08, 2011, 04:03:52 AM

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The Uproar doc has been updated to what should be (and I hope) the last revision. This revision came about from getting an actual Riot here in the "shop" and having some time to do side-by-sides. Please be sure to replace any existing Uproar doc you may have previously downloaded with this one.


hey madbean,

your explanation of the SDMB MOD has me a bit confused.  It looks like you are adding capacitance in parallel with a Low Pass Filter (R1/C2), which would cut treble and not bass.  Am I missing something?


I probably did not describe that very sounds closer to creating a resonance peak rather than just rolling off top or bottom. Maybe the 470k to Vb also contributes to the filtering? I need to look that up.


i wondered if that's that I was missing after I wrote that post.

I can also believe that rolling off treble will have this stuck wah effect, because while a wah has a very sharp peak that can be swept up and down, it is heavily filtered on the treble side of the peak, and not as much on the bass side.


Definitely. It is actually a very cheap trick, but I liked the way it sounded.