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My First Madbean Project

Started by jcuempire, February 17, 2011, 01:55:57 PM

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Here is my my first madbean (3rd overall) project.  It's a Slambox.  I can't believe how good it sounds.  At low levels, it takes my Blues Jr's natural boxiness away and it's beautiful.  It's crazy loud though.  I don't think I can crank it to the top without damaging my little amp.  But at 12 o'clock, it produces a nice chunky snarl with my old P90's that I love.   It also sports the groovy rainbow LED that was given to me by forum member eniacmike.  Thanks for creating this project.


Ha ha....perfect graphic! No guts? Don't worry...we don't judge!


Awesome!  Love the graphic too!

Probably just an empty shell though since we can't see inside  ;)  he he

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Quote from: gtr2 on February 17, 2011, 02:23:16 PM
Probably just an empty shell though since we can't see inside  ;)  he he



Fine.  You've guilt-ed me into it.  I don't like showing pictures of the insides for the same reason I wouldn't show pictures of me samba dancing in my underwear - it's unsavory.  Anyway, suffice to say that it works while not so pretty as alot of the other builds I have seen pictured here.  You may not want to look directly at it for any length of time.


Trust me, that's still a great build.  OCD wiring benefits no-one in terms of sound.  Your soldering looks clean, you heatshrunk the led connections; all good. 


Great work! always nice to see new face here. Welcome, there's lots of great projects to do around here.

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Well, thank you very much.  I have a half finished Rump Roast on my desk and a T-Bagger on the way.