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Rump Roast Problem

Started by jcuempire, February 21, 2011, 01:16:07 AM

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I just finished my Rump Roast and I am having a problem.  I built it as a hybrid and the boost seems to work fine.  But when you flick the toggle for the OD, I get no signal at all.  I am guessing that the volume will have no effect in any other mode than the OD, so I don't know if that's working.  I made no substitutions and I built it according to the plans.  I double checked my wiring and solder joints.  I redid some of the joints that looked questionable.  Still nothing.  The transistors are biased correctly so I know the signal goes to them and the bypass signal is not affected. 

Any ideas where I should start looking?




The only thing going on with the OD mod is that a volume pot is added to the output. If switching it kills the signal, then I would start with the switch wiring and making sure the pot is functional.


bngo.  Thanks.  I boned it.  I literally left the one of the lugs on the volume control unsoldered.  Soldered it and - voila - working pedal.  Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


I once spent a fruitless hour debugging a pedal. I searched and searched, checked and rechecked, and then ran my audio probe from beginning to end, trying to find the problem. When I got to the output wire and found everything worked fine, then looked at the switch. I hadn't soldered the output wire to the switch, and it wasn't making a mechanical connection. Two seconds of heat and solder fixed an hours mounting frustration.

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That's exactly what happened.  I basically test fit the wire for length and probably the insulation was the only thing holding it on.  But sometimes you need someone, even though they can't see it, to say "Did you look here?" and gets you looking at it another way.  Because I know I stared at the thing at least 3 times and missed it all three