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Started by dwstanford, February 23, 2011, 06:43:47 AM

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my zombi build

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This one took a lot of planning with the layout.  I really had to work to get everything in there, but I love it.  One gnarly beast of a fuzzbox.


Are the knobs working okay for you that close together? Or, are the skirts rubbing against each other?

There's a joke somewhere in there...I know it.


I did have a problem catching the skirts at first, but then i got on the p90x program.  I gained a great deal of confidence (and muscle mass) and now I get laid at least twice a year. (2010 statistics)   

Seriously, they were too close initially, but with a little work, i got them to operate smoothly. i could have gotten smaller knobs, but once i got them on there, i really liked the way they looked. all i had to do was get them centered so that they rotate evenly, then sand the outer edges of the knobs down about half a mm each and that kept them from touching.  with this build, I recommend to drill the holes for the mounted pots 1 or 2 bit sizes larger.  it will give you enough elbow room to get them in there properly.  i also had a dilemma finding a place for the power jack.  i wanted the knobs to be centered on the pedal, otherwise the ocd demons in my head would call me a pussy every time i looked at it, so i contemplated using a 1/8 inch jack that i pulled off a big muff since it was smaller.  then i remembered the reason i pulled it off in the first place is because i kept losing the adapter for it, so i canceled that plan and decided i would just clip off the battery lug of a standard boss style jack and that would give me room to put it where i did with literally about a millimeter to spare.