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Using different transistors

Started by jcuempire, February 26, 2011, 05:55:14 AM

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Just a general question.  If you are building a Big Muff type circuit, as an example, and it calls for 2N5088's, can you mix and match them with something similar like 5089's or do you have to decide on one and make them all the same?




There's nothing wrong with trying! It's generally a good idea to compare them though. Take a look at the data sheets and see what the differences between the trannies are. If they're small, go ahead. If they're big, maybe ask first.

It's also wise to make sure that the type and pinout are the same. For example, you can't use a 2n3906 in place of a 3904, one is npn and the other is pnp.

Bs170 and j201 trannies however can be interchanged, just like 5088s and 5089s.

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check the hfe of the different transistors and experiment. There are so many different trannys you can use for a big muff circuit!
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Okay.  So there's nothing intrinsically wrong with mixing trans and it may yield sonically pleasant results?  Or it could crap, I suppose.  The reason I ask is that I just bought some 5088s and 5089s without a specific project to work on because I got a good price and needed to beef up my order.  Maybe I will build a big muff and I can retire my green russian.

Thanks for the info



Nothing wrong with mixing.  In fact I used to have a mix of 88s and 89s in my Triangle.
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