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TUBE SOUND LLAMA - snarkdoodle
« on: December 09, 2013, 04:34:07 AM »

Here’s my snarkdoodle!. I used the red llama BOM and added the boost option.
This is a fantastic sounding distortion, it sounds powerful yet warm, way more dirt than a distortion +, not as wild as a RAT. Closer to RAT anyway. Not the most versatile circuit, but that’s a plus to me when all you need is a distortion pedal that sounds great, I feel that flexibility is overrated sometimes. Dial the amount of dirt you want and you’re ready.

Surprisingly, it found a place in my pedalboard straight away. I use the amp quite distorted and use a pedal for solos, I’m always in search of “the pedal” for that purpose. The snarkddodle gives me volume, power and (here’s the surprise) great clarity and presence, a tone that bites. Most gainy pedals tend to get muddy and the volume boost is “lost”, so I rather use overdrives or boosters but I found this one to be perfect for those duties.