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Zachary Overdrive

Started by jtn191, March 14, 2011, 12:30:43 PM

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I found this list somebody put together of best amp-sounding pedals

It's quite interesting though ymmv. But little (about guts/schematic) seems to be known about this Zachary Overdrive. I saw a killer youtube demo of this pedal (and an emery sound microbaby that makes me want both!)


I've seen that guys website. His approach to business makes me not even want to know what his pedal sounds like.

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I'm selling all my overdrives and buying the superhuman all knowing overdrive!  :o
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 ;D I mean, I was half hoping somebody to say "Man, my friend opened one of those up and it's just a Klon/Tubescreamer claiming to be God". Somebody was right when they called this guy the Glenn Beck of guitar stuff...but I think even he knows he's joking.

Guess this is kind of Freestompoxes fare, but part of DIY is explaining why a $400 widget sounds good and why you can make it for under 100

How bout the Effectrode Tube Drive? Hype + a submini tube amp?


es là-bas!!