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2014 - State of Affairs

Started by madbean, January 08, 2014, 05:13:36 PM

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In brief, here is what is going to happen over the next few months.

1- Some manufacturing will now be done through iTead.
Some of the smaller boards (1590A and B variety) will be transitioning over to iTead from my regular manufacturer over the next 6 months. There are two reasons: it is a bit cheaper and I can get different color soldermask MUCH cheaper. This means I will be able to order about twice as many boards when I restock so the store stays full up more regularly.

2 - The website will be re-designed.

To coincide with the 5th anniversary of madbeanpedals as a DIY resource, the website is going to get an overhaul. Some of the dusty pages will go away and lots of new features will be added. We'll have a DIY section and a store section. There will be member-submitted tutorials. There will be a media page for video and audio demos. I'd like to add member profiles on the main site for those that want one. Not sure how to do this, though.

3 - The "etcher's paradise" will launch with the site re-design.

The numbers keep creeping up, but I will definitely cut it off at 175 etching projects. I'm pretty close to that number now. I'm hoping the site re-design/etching projects will launch by late February. Ultimately, my goal is to put MBP at the forefront of DIY pedal building...not just as a place to buy PCBs. I think these projects will help accomplish that goal.

4 - There will be a chance for non-etchers to get their hands on the new etching projects.

Some will be available through OSH Park Shared Projects. Some will become regular store products. And some will be available from Haberdasher. We're working out those details.

5 - There will be lots of new store (fabbed) projects.

Priority #1 is the EHX stuff I've been working on, and esp. the Attack Decay. I know lots of peeps are waiting for that. I have about 15 fabbed projects nearly completed so there is plenty to choose from. We are still going to do sub-mini tube projects, too. I expect that will happen more toward the middle/2nd half of the year. I can't answer specific questions about what will be released when at this time....because I don't know yet. But, I am aware of which projects people are waiting on so I will be making those the priority.

6 - There may be other store products for customers besides PCBs in the future.
Not much to say on this yet, but it is something I'm considering.

7 - Contests are still going to happen, but differently.

The contests will no longer be every month. I haven't done a great job managing them and that is frustrating for everyone. Instead, we are going to do quarterly contests and there will be participation from some other devs on here. We're working out the details so I will have an announcement within another week or so.

As always, suggestions and feedback is welcome. Mostly, I am looking forward to another great year with the members here. Your enthusiasm and presence here is really rewarding to me, and I don't mean just financially. It is part of who I am, and I thank all of you for that!


All very good information. Thanks for the update Brian and as always if anything is needed from the members, count me in.


Looks like a lot of good improvements there.  I'm definitely looking forward to the vintage EHX stuff.
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That sounds amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on EHX projects, as well as maybe trying my first home-etched PCBs.

It goes without saying, but I'll do it anyways: Brian, you're doing an amazing job. Keep up the good work!
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Why do I get the feeling I'm going to be spending a lot of money this year.....

Looking forward to it.
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Happy 5th Anniversary to MBP. Brian, thanks so much for building such a wonderful community. These all sound like ambitious, but certainly achievable, goals.


This is just awesome. got me started into this addictive hobby and I owe everything to Brian for creating this repository of information, and also to the amazing people of the forum who are willing to share their knowledge regarding the subject.  If there is anything I can assist to help give back, I would be glad to.

I think the approach of being not only just a store and a superb form, but a complete "one-stop-shop" for DIY pedals is a great step.  Hardcore DIYers are content to go to other sites for schematic info, beginners seem most comfortable with a "kit in a box", intermediates may like just fabbed PCBs; By covering as many of these bases as possible, the amount of people (regardless of skill level) who can benefit from this site will increase and the community will grow as a whole.

Happy 5th Anniversary!  Always some awesome stuff coming down the pipe here, and I am continually learning new things.

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Really promising, can't wait.
Thank you for your hard work !
Mich P.


...tnx a lot Brian..happy 5th anniv...can't wait etcher's paradise to get launched!...


Is this what a 6-year old waiting on her glitter pony feels like?


The best, just keeps getting better, can't wait  :)


Sounds great.  Keep up the good work and count me in for a limited edition Madbean 5th Anniversary T-shirt.


2014 marks a new career path for me that ties together the last nearly 3 decades (seriously???...I'm THAT old?).  I'm helping manage a data center, having been pulling cable/fiber optics and managing projects the bulk of my life.  That said, I look forward to coming home at night and checking in to the site to see what's happening and what my next build is gonna be.  It's a great diversion to the real life stuff, and real life is GOOD.
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Quote from: madbean on January 08, 2014, 05:13:36 PM
Ultimately, my goal is to put MBP at the forefront of DIY pedal building...not just as a place to buy PCBs.

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5 years is outstanding! Congrats on that! All your points sound fantastic..15 new designs to choose from..geez! What about some MBP t shirts?
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