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Roadrage - Standalone

Started by nzCdog, April 01, 2011, 01:03:00 AM

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This RR is an awesome little board! I have a nice fuzz pedal, HBE Germania Treble booster, (based on a rangemaster)... got a NOS germanium transistor and unbelievable tone.  It is positive grounded tho, so I had to use batteries for it, until now!

I didn't want to modify the pedal, and put the RR inside so I made a lil box out of it... 1st output is 9V+pin for the fuzz and the other is a regulated 9V-pin to run a couple other effects down the line. :)


Plastic enclosures. I totally forgot about those. I have been using Altoid tins, but the enclosure you are using looks more professional.

Nice job!