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Cherrybomb Question

Started by jcuempire, March 20, 2011, 02:02:10 PM

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Is the Cherrybomb a mostly direct clone of a Colorsound Overdriver?  The reason I ask is that I heard one of the ThroBack Overdrive Boost pedals which is also a derivative of the CSOD and it sounded really nice.  Seemed to have a lot of flexibility as far as it's range of cool tones.  I was wondering if anyone knew if the ThroBack was significantly different circuit-wise than the original Colorsound and could those mods be incorporated into a DIY pedal?



From reading their website, the description of their mods are too vague to really make out what they're doing...

The only accurate way to clone theirs would be to reverse engineer them from an actual unit. We could make guesses, but it may or may not be what they've actually done.