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ReVibe & Demo

Started by jubal81, March 05, 2014, 07:49:16 PM

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My most challenging build yet - tough, but VERY worth it.
Inspired by the Hoffman ReVibe, it's an all-analog reverb/tremolo combo based on classic Fender versions.

Constituent circuits:
Surfy Bear FET Reverb
Cardinal Tremolo
Custom split/mix circuit for parallel operation
Madbean Bloviator (used as switchable output buffer)
Two 1776 relay bypass boards

Other parts:
Hammond 10" x 6" x 2" amp chassis with walnut sides
Accutronics 8AB2A1B reverb tank (spring unit remounted inside hammond chassis)
Custom faceplate designed by me and laser etched by Mojotone

The Rundown:
The Sufy Bear Reverb uses FETs to emulate the famous 6G15 reverb, with a MOSFET pair driving the tank. I've got this running in a parallel configuration with Midayfair's Cardinal Tremolo, which uses FETs and optocouplers to get a sound similar to Fender tremolos. The modulation settings you see on a rotary switch are Black (blackface/bias), Brown (brown face/harmonic) and Vibe (a univibe-ish sound).
Running in parallel sacrifices the extreme settings of both effects, but the overall lushness of parallel operation was just too good to pass up.
For switching, the soft-touch, momentary switches (thanks to Josh's relay boards) make a big difference because you don't want a hard click clanging the springs. The left switch bypasses the whole unit, while the right switch turns the modulation on & off. I used an Opto Fet to make the Modulation indicator light flash in time with the speed of the effect.
The Bloviator (State variable EQ) on the output is independent and switches on the back. It was on during all the demo samples.

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Speechless. Beautiful at every level.


It appears that you have found your niche with the Walnut and tweed enclosures + the etched faceplates....

Probably looks a peach next to your BubbFET!  ;)


Dude you are my hero  :)

Build of the year and done.


Wow, that is SWEET! Awesome job!
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~4:11: "holy @#$!#" moment.

you don't have a volume external ... isn't there a volume drop in vibe mode? There was on the Cosmo, but that was a slightly different setup. (Obviously I haven't gotten around to modding my Cardinal yet ...)


Jason  that is certainly a build to be proud of !!!

Very nice, congrats.



Just beautiful.  Extremely well executed.
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Wow, looks fantastic and sounds even better. Well done!!


stunning. jealous. wow.


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Okay.  I confess straight out that I'm a technically-challenged newbie, but THAT is a staggeringly impressive build ... on so many levels ... concept, execution, looks, sound ...

Just wow.

I hope you'll forgive a couple of novice questions: can anyone here link me to:
- a how-to thread for the type of cover plate etch technique used here?
- a PCB layout for a split/mix circuit for parallel operation?

Thanks.  Wow.


Quote from: pryde on March 05, 2014, 08:11:28 PM
Dude you are my hero  :)

Build of the year and done.

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Pointless telling you how unbelievably great this is, as that's obvious, ;) but i will say, that demo blew me away, not a bad sound to be had on any setting, running different rigs and all. I usually skip through the demos fast forwarding to the good bits :D but i found myself rewinding to hear different settings again and again mate, absolute winner this one, all the best, Matt.