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Affiliation disclosure - a new thing

Started by madbean, April 03, 2014, 02:01:56 PM

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This idea was brought to my attention and I think it is a good one. There are many people here that are affiliated in a professional capacity with businesses related not only to pedal building but instruments, amps, parts, etc. It would be good to know who these people are and the business they may represent or work with. Stating these affiliations serves two-fold: it informs other members of businesses they may not be aware of (as well as provide some free advertising), and also informs them when a member is promoting something they have a financial interest in.

Don't get me wrong: I have NO PROBLEM with people promoting their wares here. I think that is obvious. But, I have not been too diligent in making sure that this kind of information is disseminated to the members here.

Therefore, I am asking that all members who have professional affiliations or financial interests in businesses related to DIY pedal building, pedal manufacturing, instruments, amps, components and the like to put this information in their signature starting now. The Gear Page has a similar rule and it seems to work well. For example, my signature on TGP states "Affiliations: madbeanpedals, Function F(x)".

You don't have to be particular like "I'm sales" or "Owner" or "Punching Bag"...just state the name of the business and indicate that you are involved with them. Obviously, don't violate any NDA's if you have them.

You can edit your signiature by going to the "profile" link up top. Let me know if there are questions.


Profile updated.
My main gig is instrument repair and amp servicing. I offer custom pedal builds for local musicians: Not really for much profit but because I like doing it  :)


Updated mine too, I build amps and pedals for marginal profit and maximum personal enjoyment.  It's a self-sustaining hobby that benefits others.
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Affiliations: madbeanpedals fan and pedal porn lover....


Updated. I work full time in the life insurance industry and build pedals as a hobby. Though I recently started selling pedals under the name TFX as one of the fundraising channels we are doing in order to raise money for our adoption from Haiti. Kindly remember: If I could find some unobtainum diodes I would retire and just sell pedals, but until then I will wear both hats.
affiliations: TFX


Updated. Sorry, Brian. Didn't notice this before.


I'm brand new here. That said, I do have my own pedal company. THAT said, I tend to spend a lot more of my time messing around with discussing and working on pedals more out of appreciation and for the education of all.

My main reason for joining here is because I'm kind of "fleeing from" places like TDPRI's Stomp Box (where I'm known as 11 Gauge), and FSB. Both kind of represent two ends of the spectrum that make for a not-so-great fit, at least not any longer.

I also find myself being someone who would rather promote the products and services of, Ron Neely (RonSound), of course Brian here, and primarily all the people who do this for the love of the craft more than making a ton of profits. You've got guys like Robbie Wallace who don't even build stuff any longer, and I miss his postings on forums.

I'll sort of end on this note - I have a REAL problem with anyone who takes something like the BSIABII or something like the Supreaux (to include the Deux) and passes it off as their own repackaged thing, building them in large numbers and for (IMO) relatively large amounts of profit. Even if Ed Guidry doesn't have a problem w/his stuff being used for profits (or he's "gotten over it"), I still just take issue with it.

If someone wants to discuss my wares, they can figure out how to email me, and that can be done away from here. This assumes any site allows for such open discussion, which I'm just not interested in. I frequent these sites more for open discussion that's focused on effects themselves - that's what keeps me engaged and excited. I really like when a gap can be bridged between someone who is a casual consumer w/no technical knowledge of the things they are stomping on, but who is curious enough to kind of want to know why pedal A seems to be more of what they want than pedal B, and if there may even be a pedal C that's better yet.

...I've found that more and more people tend to seek out having some one-off built as a result of all of this, or some sort of tweaked Condor Cab Sim or something like that - they've got a special combination of needs IOW. And I offer a standard line of products and services, and really don't want to go too far outside of doing that. I always refer people to the sources that I think can actually help them cut to the chase.

I'm really hoping that there's "room for me here." I've wanted to be involved with discussions like this more than any of the other extremes or variations. Probably my only other "gear vices" are a super affection for primarily Fender guitars and amps - most notably the Telecaster and the blackface/silverface-era of amps.
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Oh hey, welcome to the forum!
On TDPRI I always look first if you posted in a thread, and read that one first. And when I was new to DIY it was you who mentioned the guitarPCB TODD, and thus showing me what Runoffgroove is.





Welcome, Keith. Good to have you here. To address some of your points: it's totally fine to openly discuss your own products/wares so long as your affiliation is disclosed. I don't mind people promoting their own thing so long as everyone understands that the main focus here is DIY. For the most part, everyone here tempers their participation pretty well between the two ends of that spectrum. So, I don't think you will have any problem at all.


Glad to see you here, Keith. I always enjoyed your posts at TDPRI and I think you're going to dig it here.
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Welcome keith, There is always room in this family for another like minded folk. Enjoy your stay.



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