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Sunking take 2

Started by sprayfe, April 02, 2011, 04:01:23 PM

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A friend borrowed my first sinking (my first build) and refused give it back- so I found myself in need of another!

I was going to mess with some diode switching- buy decided in the long run I really like the simplicity of the layout as is. May maybe next time!

Don't worry- I'll clean up in there.


Refused to give it back?!?! Some friend! You should get some money out of your friend.

Nice build however. I find that the second version I make of anything usually ends up better, so I bet you'll be happier with your second build than the first!

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Awesome!!!! Simplicity rules in its own way!
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I agree, some friend! LOL!  Cool pedal, is that a hammered finish?


thanks for showing the killer hammerite finish! Gonna try that and the DIP switch for mine  ;D !


Looks great man! The finish, the knobs, just works! :D

God bless!