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Two versions of the same pedal in a single enclosure?

Started by digistu, November 03, 2014, 01:38:23 PM

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After a few successful builds using other people's circuits I've decided to set myself the task of creating a fuzz with a few of my own modifications.  What I'd like to be able to do is have a switch to swap between the 'stock' version of the circuit and my modded version. 

What's the best way of achieving this?  Obviously I'll only be changing the values of some components - other values will be the same in both circuits.  Should I essentially duplicate the entire circuit twice over and just switch the input, or should it be possible through clever design to make it such that I can 'share' the common parts?  A single throw many poled switch for example?!?

Thanks for any thoughts.



This really depends on how many parts are changed between the two version, but I think it will be rather hard to do them all with just one switch. Switching the input into another board on the other hand is easy, but you have the doubled amount of pots. Of board wired pots and staggering the pcbs over one another might give you the possibility to keep the same enclosure size (or use dual gang pots, but they are higher...).
IIRC, there was a similar thread about different types of muffs recently. Try searching for it, there might have been some good answers in there.
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One solution might be to do two separate circuit boards (stock/modded) and use all dual-ganged pots so you only need one set of knobs for both circuits. You can then use a DPDT switch to toggle between them.
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Depends on the mods.

You can get some dramatic changes in a fuzz with one or two parts.   The slow loris is a good example with the diode swaps. There's some tube screamer things that do the same.

I did a similar boost/eq thing on my viscious build, and for crazy inspiration, check out Chuckbuick's build of the distortion plus. (Both are posted on this forum)

I'd try a simpler mod with a switch, and if it gets crazy, build two variations with a/b switch

Good luck!
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Thanks guys, I think this pretty much confirms what I thought - was just worried that in my ignorance I was missing some startlingly obvious solution!