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Question about IC names

Started by Guybrush, September 21, 2014, 10:03:28 AM

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Hey all

I have a circuit that calls for a TL072P chip. In my stock I only have a TL072CN. Will this be ok? What do the P and CN denote?

Thanks in advance!


It will be OK. The be sure what these postfix letters denote, you need to read the data sheet of the respective manufacturer.
One letter unually denotes the applicable temperature range, one could stand for the package (DIP8, SIP8, SO8), and what not.


It's never simple! Ha ha.

Thanks for the info. Greatly appreciated!


I don't think I've ever seen a TL072P. I've seen TL072CP. In that case, the P is TI's designation for the plastic DIP-8 case.  The TL072CN that you have is an ST micro part? If so, that's their designation for the same IC and it should work fine. Pretty much, for what we do, as long as it's the right package type, it'll be OK. I guess you might run into some special case situations that call for some of TI's A and B labeled parts, but I've never seen them used specifically.
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Yeah, don't stress about the affix letters. As pointed out, those usually denote operating environment characteristics, package configuration, and things like that.

For most DIY uses, you want the through-hole DIP package. As long as that is right, everything else is irrelevant for our purposes (as far as I know).
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Charge pump chips are probably about the only instance where you want to nerd out about the suffix.
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Cheers guys. The CN worked perfectly. Thanks.


Quote from: alanp on September 21, 2014, 07:32:23 PM
Charge pump chips are probably about the only instance where you want to nerd out about the suffix.

That and some Logic IC like the CD4049UBE where the other variants won't work. But that's really the 2 only one that i can think of...
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