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Flabbon (Madbean Fatpants)

Started by catfud, October 05, 2014, 09:23:33 PM

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This is the Flabbon, which is my build of the Madbean FatPants, in a 1590B, using the buffered bypass wiring. The paintjob's Hammerite, with the name stamped on with black Stazon ink. White is unforgiving when it comes to misplaced ink stamps, so there's some ghosting from where I was stamping out of line, cleaning, and re-stamping.

The pedal name is unrepresentative in respect to the sound that the FatPants delivers - the sound doesn't end up 'flabby' at all - I really like this circuit, it certainly adds weight and richness to the sound rather than making anything flabby. Besides the fat theme, 'Flabbon' is a possibly-obscure reference to a British comic strip I used to read avidly during my formative years (anyone else remember it?).

The text around the knobs and switches is letraset I bought over 20 years ago that I had squirreled away and found again recently - I checked today and to my surprise found that letraset transfer text is still sold in stationery shops.

All the parts were as per the BOM. My wiring is a bit of a mess, but I think it's improving. A few footnotes - I don't like the LED mount (Tayda one) at all so I may replace that - also, the effect of the soft switch is very subtle, almost imperceptible, but I think that's because I haven't played through the flabbon with a particularly bright guitar.

Thanks for looking!


Looking good. If you hadn't mentioned that you had a second go a the labelling, I'd have said it was like this on purpose. And fwiw, it looks even better that way.
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The ghosting looks sweet.
And of course the FP is sweet.
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The ghosting looks great! I love those kinds of "mistakes!" Great job man.


I'd like to learn that ghosting effect - it looks cool.  You should impress your friends by telling them how difficult it is to accomplish.


Looks awesome!  Love the ghosted letters, love lettraset too.  Didn't know it was still around, so great info
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