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2015 - Put in your requests

Started by madbean, December 18, 2014, 07:09:07 AM

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Quotefind a way for me to finally quit facebook and just check madbean all day.  madface.  madbook.  facebean.  madbook

+1 from me.

Actually, my request would be a cabinet simulator...  There's plenty around, but I just want a GOOD one!  No knobs, just unity in/out...


A Hiwatt-sounding circuit from Madbean. Or from Runoffgroove.
I guess then I'd be done with amp-in-box pedals.

Also, a Grease Gun with both less and more gain, more output, and independent treble, mid, bass controls.



+1 on the theremin. That'd be wild.

How about some compact 3PDT bypass boards? On board CLR, pads for LED, a couple extra pads for ground and +9V to make wiring easier..
Perhaps multi-packs with appropriate stomp switches.

I've tried a couple different boards for this. I'm not too keen on the ones from Mammoth. The ones from Guitar PCB are pretty rad.


I am missing a subforum listing all of Madbean's past and present  (and maybe future?) projects.
The projects page only lists the currently available PCB's but sometimes I like to read about older projects and but it's not always easy to find. When you use the search function you usual only find build reports and troubleshooting threads.

Maybe this page or section exists and I just have never found it.

Maybe having the Tech Help forum divided by Project would also be a nice way to find info about a particular pedal you are building. I know that there is the search function, but a system with tags for example is sometimes easier.


Check Haberdasher's thread on what he will etch from the old Madbean projects.  He links to the build docs for them there, but Brian has his own discontinued project thread here:




That's great, thanks :-)
My wishes are thus fulfilled ;-)