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Moderator annoucement

Started by madbean, June 12, 2010, 09:10:18 PM

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Folks, I'm pleased to announce irmcdermott (Ian) has kindly agreed to step in and offer help in moderating the forum for a few days while my family relocates to TN. Please direct forum related issues to him between 6.17 - 6.22. I will access the forum as much as possible in this time, but I don't know yet how much 'internets' will be available to me. Keep in mind that Ian will not be able to answer questions about orders/shipping/build issues. His role will be simply to make things run smoothly as possible in my absence.

Welcome, and thanks, Ian!


No problem! I'll do my best to keep things running smoothly! I hope you and your family have a safe trip to this beautiful state that is Tennessee!