Author Topic: I am trying to get an SLO sound out of a pedal....  (Read 1417 times)


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I am trying to get an SLO sound out of a pedal....
« on: January 13, 2011, 01:03:15 PM »
...and have been at it for almost 7 months!   I'm trying to build 10 pedals for a charity in the name of the late michael houser who died in 2002 due to pancreatic cancer. This is what i've come up with:

Input>Switch on/off for ego driver (modded)>switch on/off for RTO style mods to TS9 circuit into fat control mid boost>output all running off the road rage.

The midboost at the end is the key IMO as it not only give a push in the low mids it also allows you to get humbucker sounds out of single coils if needed.  By stacking the EGO>RTO>Mid-Boost in that specific order I'm able to get a ton of gain without losing much clarity.   Not having any sort of buffer before until right before the mid-boost also seems to help things stay consistent so to speak but also remains very dynamic and responsive.   

this is a mess because it's a prototype and I want enough slack to get stuff out without de-soldering wires etc...

so 'normal' represents a slightly dirty sound and with both on it does high gain SLO type crunch with amazing clarity for how dirty it is (ala SLO).   

ego mods:

- JRC4580D chip
- c3 = 82n or 68n...still on the fence about this one.  not a big deal though. 
- c8 = 56n (might go back to 47n though, it's only a tad bit more thump)
- no hi/low switch and a 27k for r11, r10 left empty
- I have a 500k in for the gain pot right now but I might go to 1m again.  Really though about 750k seems the optimum amount...any suggestions on the best/easiest way to do that would be appreciated.  (i'm a moron on pots and switches to say the least)

RTO mods to GGG ts8 pcb

I raised the 47n that comes off the clipping section via the 4k7 resistor to 150n or 180n (can't decide which yet).  I also changed the volume pot to B10k rather than 100k, used a jrc4580D, and a 2n4401 for the output buffer tranny.   

The fat control circuit has an opa2134 chip instead of the 442 type. 

here is what I'm going for:

3:05 is 'normal' channel and 3:31 is 'overdrive' channel

I'm going to get some clips posted soon as i've still got a little fine tuning to do.