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Turdpolishing, shoe horning and the Edge...

Started by cooder, May 09, 2015, 02:03:39 AM

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A bit of shoehorning goin' on here...
So on my pedalboard I like to have the sonic stomp and a booster at the end and since I stumbled across Aion's excellent pcbs/great documentation.
So I couldn't resist upgrading this last in my chain always on pedal to his projects.
First the Aion Lumin / Sonic Stomp with extra tweakability compared to original BBE Sonic stomp.
Second the pre-amp section of Korg SDD3000 (one of 'the secret' sauces of the Edge of U2 they say on Aion Eclipse board).

And in an 125B enclosure, all controls on side (you'll see why), that means 6 pots, 4 toggles, 2 LEDs in side of 125B.
Gimme the shoe horn... or the hammer, whichever is more handy... ;D

Finished pedal:

Guts finished:

How it sits in context of pedalboard:

Pics of process:

drilled box aka 'Swiss cheese':

putting in SDD3000. I mounted some of electrolytics sideways to allow for jacks etc.

mild swearing going on by now...  ;)

... by now thinking it might actually all go in without using a hammer...

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Holy crap. That's just epic. Brilliant solution!
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That is really cool. One hell of a drill template you had.



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Nice. Not only did you shoehorn the boards in the pedal but you shoehorned the pedal into the pedalboard. It's a shoehornception.



I think I did some mild swearing just looking at the process. This is unbelievably sick!
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you're nuts to even attempt it. even more impressive as it turned out this good
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The whole concept is pretty genius! And the execution!
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OK then, incredibly unlikely!!!


Wow that's sharp, and a ton of stuff packed into it.  Really nice!


Wow, that's muy impressive

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love it :)
very nice to see some different arrangement of the pots ;)
very innovative build