Author Topic: Building a multi box for a keyboard  (Read 772 times)


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Building a multi box for a keyboard
« on: May 22, 2015, 02:56:41 PM »
Since my last 2 amp projecs have ended, I've fallen into a "big project" depression, and was desperately trying to come up with my next non pedal idea. While at the thrift store I found an old tower speaker with a good quality plywood case. I have an old Casio keyboard that I often run through my effects chain and absolutely love the sounds I can create. So I've decided to take the old speaker enclosure and make kind of a multi/modular panel looking thing for it. I've got room for 8-10 effects and I want to utilize all of it. I also just ordered a clear blue cut of acrylic for the front panel and want to make it shine with super brights when turned on. When it comes to powering this thing, will a one spot be enough currentif I am daisy chaining all of the effects inside the box? My current guitar setup which includes probably 10 effects (3 delays and 2 reverbs) does fine with the one spot, and ultimately this is just a big old multi in a weird enclosure, but I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions/tips. The unit will likely consist of a delay, 2 different trems, 3  filter effects, one of Fredericks awesome noise makers, beans auto wah, and a few I havent decided on. Thanks dudes!