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Tri Vibe in another PIF enclosure

Started by gül, March 25, 2016, 04:01:35 PM

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This enclosure was another one I got in the PIF from Luke. It was originally school bus yellow, with a ton of holes drilled into it. It sat on my desk for months. I finally decided I was going to take on the challenge of putting something in the enclosure so it wouldn't go to waste.

Here is the final product. It's a stock ROG Tri Vibe. My wife did the artwork on the sides. I wish I had a gut shot, but it wouldn't show much anyway. The PCB was rather large, so it covers all my work. Anyway, I'm happy to have finally made something pretty out of that enclosure.


Awesome! Way to conquer the challenge!


Thanks, Luke! I had to fill all the holes up first. I sorta felt like a dentist.  ;D