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EHX Nerds - Octave Multiplexer Mod help

Started by the3secondrule, March 18, 2016, 08:39:34 AM

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Hey guys,

I have one of the reissue (XO) octave multiplexers that I'm looking to get a little more volume out of. Doesn't need to be a massive volume bump, but with the mix at 50% it's slightly below unity.

Am I able to tweak some values to get a little more juice out of the circuit, or am I best to just whack an LPB on the output and be done with it?

Schematic here:
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That schematic doesn't match up to the XO version, the design was changed up a bit.

For ease i'd suggest you just stick on an output boost, you could try lowering the blend pot value but you might end up with getting bleed at either end of the pot.
Works at Lectric-FX


Sweet. Have lowered the blend to 50k, although I suspect I'll need to go lower. I don't mind a bit of bleed through as I don't see myself using it either 100% wet or dry.

Will drop it down to 10 or 25k and if that doesn't do it I'll add a booster
"I have many leatherbound books, and my apartment smells of rich mahogany"


Hey the3secondrule,
I know it's been over a year. But...
Did you have any luck with the volume drop issue when you switched the Blend Pot. Was 50k enough?

Any help would be appreciated. The multiplexer is a blast. But the volume drop is such a buzz kill when used live.


i tried the 25k thing just now. doesnt do anything for volume. its just changed the taper of the blend.