Author Topic: Dirtbaby (board of my design) problem  (Read 992 times)


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Dirtbaby (board of my design) problem
« on: April 20, 2016, 06:16:45 AM »
Hi, I need some help, please.
History: I built an Dirtbaby with a board that I designed on Diptrace, single layer and with offboard wiring, like I do with all my projects (I Built a Moodring at the same time and works like a charm ;)  ).
Well, my Dirtbaby works, I have delay (great sounding and good tone btw), I have the modulation working or something like that (chorus and vibrato position aren't too different, just varies the "speed" or "rate" of the modulation and with the depth at max the effect is pretty subtle, this is normal?)

On the problem, in short words. I have a "click click" or "tick tick" that varies with the rate control, sounds with low volume but definetly is there, I dont think that this should be normal.
I used an audio probe and I have the "click" on the input jack too (how can it be? Something is going backwards?)! I dont have it on the input of the pt2399, later Ill post the schematic with markings.

The voltages compared to the pdf are ok.