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What are you playing? (games)

Started by jtn191, April 23, 2016, 02:48:12 AM

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Took a long break from music, hopeful about a possible new job and new city...

Relapsed into playing video games some, wondering what you all like. My recs:

Duck Game (pc, soon ps4 and xbox). Multiplayer hysteria, sometimes arbitrary. Patiently waiting for an update this year. Great retro music.

Rocket League. Soccer with rocket cars. Addicting, frustrating, fun

Insurgency. realistic fps, couple hits and youre done. Tensest game ever, great sound design.


The Division & Fallout 4 on the PS4 for me this month.

Getting ready for Uncharted 4 next month.

Also have been playing a lot of my Dreamcast since I modded it:

I am testing games on the HDD but I end up playing them for an hour or more each. lol



I'm still working on PS 3 games. The newer Tomb Raider has my attention right now.

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Dark Souls 3, Dark Souls 3, and more Dark Souls 3.

What I'm saying is that I've been playing a lot of Dark Souls 3.


Quote from: lincolnic on April 23, 2016, 04:51:53 AM
Dark Souls 3, Dark Souls 3, and more Dark Souls 3.

What I'm saying is that I've been playing a lot of Dark Souls 3.

I'm now jealous! ;-)


I have been regressing for some time. With the announcement of the PS4/Xbone I decided I didn't want an underpowered PC as a console and even at the time sold my Xbox360 and PS3 as I thought I was done... I'll have to borrow a PS4 to play Drake 4 when it comes out as that's about the only game I really want to play on it. Shame they've stopped them developing for the PS3 when it's totally capable of playing these sorts of games and still has a massive user base. It annoyed the crap out of me when they pulled the rug from under the PS3 long before it was due to be replaced because they felt they had to respond to Xbone. So we get a half arsed console instead that's a little bit prettier and it looks like they're already looking at a PS4k soon... Which is what the PS4 should have been IMO (it's bringing VR to the table) and given the lifecycle of the PS3 (should have been 10 years), would likely have happened if they'd held on... Bah!

Anyhow... Not having anything to play, I got my GameCube and Dreamcast down from the loft and hit the JRPGs hard. I did Skies of Arcadia and Grandia II in turn and realised that there were a tonne of games on the old console that I'd simply missed out on that were f**king awesome. So I started buying them up on the GC and DC...

Which brought me to the conclusion that I enjoyed playing more old school games than modern stuff. This led me on to buying a Wii U because it seemed to be echoing what the DC did in terms of, there might not be a lot of games for it, but they're quality titles and proper games. I also really like what the gamepad brings to the experience. Then I discovered it had Wii backward compatibility...

The Wii was a console that passed me by because I thought it was for non-gamers. All that Wii-sports bollocks and the like. Well I couldn't have been more wrong. There's a HUGE amount of great title on that, so I thought I'd get those bought up while they were available and cheap (this has become a theme, and a bit of an addiction).

All of this made me realise that I'd been a bit harsh getting shot of the PS3 (luckily I'd kept the games for that), so I bought a new (old) one. The Xbox 360 doesn't really get a look in because quite frankly, other than online stuff, there's only Forza III and Kameo on there that I'd ever want to play.

By this point, I think my regression kicked in proper and I decided I was going to get all the consoles I used to have (not going back as far as the Atari 2600 or pong clone I had, that would be excessive). So I finally fixed my biggest console selling error when I got shot of my Super Nintendo and bought another. Games can be a bit pricey on this one to be fair, but I've managed to get most things I'm after. Some of the horrifically expensive games I've managed to cover with Virtual Console on the Wii and Wii U for very sensible money. I'd love to run them on original hardware, but I'm simply not prepared to pay the silly money they've become for some of them.

Ah virtual console and the PSN classics have managed to score me a great deal of old titles for the SNES and PS1. That's been an absolute cash saver as they cover a LOT of old JRPGs (which I have a particular weakness for). Oh yeah, and the PS3 plays PAL PS1 games, so I started hoovering them up too.

Finally, because I sold my old PS2 compatible PS3 and bought a slim (non-PS2 compatible), I should have a PS2 landing at my door any day now. This one has proven to be a bargain machine as the games are literally a couple of quid each.

Oh and computer gaming has also been resurrected (sold my gaming PC a few years ago). I sold my ninja iMac and bought a 2008 Mac Pro with a very specific graphics card that allows it to be fully compatible across multiple OSs. Allowing me to run Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Windows XP and Windows 7. So I've got a tonne of old games on XP, and a few new on 7. It's pokey enough to run Fallout 4 ok, so it's fast enough for me. I really should play that at some point... Also gotta give a shout out to for being an awesome place to snag old games.

Almost forgot the N64 (which covers NES also via an emulator)! Mainly because I suspect I'm still struggling to get the video performance that I want from that. Partly the N64's fault, mostly my modern TV's terrible low res analogue signal handling. I've done an article on that side of things also that covers my woes with old consoles vs modern TVs (that keeps getting updated also... It's very UK-centric) here.

While this has been going on I haven't really been able to play a lot of games. Currently, when my bro comes over once a week we're hitting Super Tennis, Bomberman and Sensible Soccer really hard on the SNES, but that's about it. I still need to complete Xenoblade X on the Wii U (I'm 100 hrs in on that...), but that's on hold while the hording is taking place.
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Lately I have been playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive, but I'm no good in it. Been way too long since I last dived into the CS world..

Quote from: jtn191 on April 23, 2016, 02:48:12 AM
Rocket League. Soccer with rocket cars. Addicting, frustrating, fun

My friend texted me earlier today and told me this is open for everyone this weekend in Steam. I'll have to try it out. :)

Quote from: juansolo on April 23, 2016, 07:36:13 AM
I did Skies of Arcadia and Grandia II

Is Grandia II good? I remember playing Grandia on playstation and it was amazing. When I picked it up I didn't know what type of game it was. Turns out it was one of best PS games ever along Vandal Hearts and Final Fantasy VIII.


I was reading this wii is the newest console I have. To me classic is NES and such. I just sold my Dreamcast and PS2 to fund the pedal hobby.

I do have a 3ds which is pretty cool. I played through Bravely Default last year. Great game in the style of the Final Fantasy series. It was worth the cost of the 3ds just for that game. Great gameplay system, and a cool story to boot. It lets you turn off random encounters, I thought I'd hate the feature but I ended up loving it.

Shovel knight is a good retro Sidescroller if you're interested in such.

I've been playing through the remake of Final Fantasy 4 lately. Probably going to have to buy something when the FF 7 remake comes out though.


Never been a console fan. But lately I've been playing some of the old arcade classics on mame.

Other than that, I've been playing Mount and Blade (not warband), Just started on Deadbolt, Broforce, max Payne 3 (not super fun), tried GTA 5 (dull, really), the new xcom2, still going on Fallout 4 occasionally but that's gotten a bit boring. I might just go and finish it off now that I'm tough enough and found my kid...

Super hot was a great game.


Quote from: Jebus on April 23, 2016, 09:39:33 AM
Is Grandia II good? I remember playing Grandia on playstation and it was amazing. When I picked it up I didn't know what type of game it was. Turns out it was one of best PS games ever along Vandal Hearts and Final Fantasy VIII.

Vandal Hearts is a classic. There's a 3rd one of them that I never knew about!

Grandia II is utterly awesome. THE best combat mechanic in a JRPG in my opinion (it's semi-realtime-turnbased). The main character is an amusing asshole, and Millenia when she rages is brilliant.
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Rocket League! Waiting for Dark Souls 3 to go on sale. Reverting back to FFXI before they shut it down for good.


Juan Solo, speaking of emulators, I get struck with nostalgia every spring. The Sonic series and Banjo Kazooie were platforming at its peak.


Speaking of MAME, King of Fighters is one of my favourites on there.

It isn't as good as the DOS classic "One Must Fall 2097", but I like it :)
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I used to play games somewhat obsessively before the kids came along but theres not much time left for that.  Occasionally one of my friends comes around with his pc and we play Divinity Original Sin for a number of hours and drink beer which is alot of fun. 

A little off track and further down the nerd-dom slippery slope, we (3 of us) had planned today to play a card / dice game called elder sign today, a fantasy flight game set in the cthulhu mythos. Its pretty quick and simple to get in and out of a game. We would play mansions of madness which has more atmosphere then Elder Sign but that's just too much work to get started :o
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