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Re: Vactrol Type

Started by K3yPr0gg3r, August 30, 2016, 12:55:51 AM

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I know it's discontinued, but I was wondering if anyone knew the specific type of Vactrol used in the Doombutter? I have a choice of 5, VTL5C1, VTL5C2, VTL5C3, VTL5C3/2, and VTL5C6. I know everyone says "roll your own", but I have tried in the past and FAILED miserably! I'd rather spend the $ on a commercial one.

Thank you



This Circuit is not to fussy about vactrol type, I know you said you would rather not roll your own but in this case I think you would save yourself some $.
The Tayda Ldrs work fine in the Doombutter, if you must use a vactrol I have osed the vtl5c2 in this circuit and it worked fine.


Thank you for both getting back to me. Very helpful info!!!


Here's an inexpensive vactrol.  As stated, the circuit is not fussy about vactrol type.

And I would encourage you to try a Tayda LDR ( 24 cents ! ) and a LED.  Just turn off the lights
when you test it.  You just bend the LED and the LDR at 90 degree angles so that the LED is pointing at the LDR.
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