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BYOC Mimosa Compressor
« on: November 21, 2016, 10:00:46 PM »
A clone of the Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer compressor with an added blend knob.  I opted for the pre-painted enclosure since the design is pretty sweet. I like the knobs they provided with it - reminds me of a juice container.

I made 2 slight errors with the build. First, I didn't realize that the switch was an integral part of the circuit. So, unlike a lot of other things I've worked on, I couldn't hook it up to my test rig until the switch was attached. Once, I did that, it tested fine.  Then, I managed to mix up the ring and tip when soldering in the input jack.  But, knowing it tested fine, it was easy to diagnose that last issue.

I really like this pedal a lot. It adds a nice boost and sparkle to my clean signal and the blend allows it be a little bit subtle.  I'm not sure yet if this will bump my Wampler Ego compressor off my main board, but I'm definitely going to make regular use of it.