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Re: DeathKlaw Green LED

Started by K3yPr0gg3r, December 03, 2016, 03:25:49 PM

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As I've gained experience in building I've found that socketing LEDs alleviates major headaches vs trying to directly solder to the board. I socket the circuit bypass LED to my breakouts, and if the circuit calls for LEDs used for clipping I socket those. Which brings me to my question. Can I socket the GREEN LED at IC2 to the bottom of the board, and still have room to fit the board relatively evenly in the enclosure? I'm thinking the pot shafts are longer than the SIP socket so I should be ok. Building this for my son to give to his friend as a wedding gift, and I don't want to get to the end and find I screwed up...

Thank you


I really don't see the reason why you would socket this diode as it's intent is only to prevent overloading of the input, as stated in the build doc. No need to fiddle around with different kinds. You can check if your diode is working with a resistor and a battery before soldering it in, if you fear to get a broken diode. with sockets you always risk it to fall out and especially with the space problems with the pots, I don't see the advantage of socketing this particular diode.

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Thank you. From the drill guide in the build doc. it looks like I need to drill for that LED to stick out of the enclosure. Just thought socketing would be easier. Otherwise I need to estimate how much to cut from the LED in order to successfully solder it to the bottom of the PCB, and have it stick out of the box.


Don't. It's circuit only, not an indicator. There is no reason the mount it on the doesn't light up.


Oh...Thanks for the clarification!!! I've recently done a few builds that had LEDs that...surprise...lit up, and I had to tear stuff apart and rebuild. Thanks again.