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Switch PCB wiring question

Started by Shnake, December 07, 2016, 09:25:09 PM

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All wired up.  I didn't shrink all the wrap down just yet.

Interesting problem...

The box works perfectly when I have a 9v battery attached.  When I plug it in nothing.  Nothing at the box at all.  Funny think is I have a daisy chain plug from the AC converter so I can hook a bunch of pedals up to one AC converter.  If I plug in the pedal and the mini amp I am using for testing all is fine until I plug the 1/4" cable from the stomp box into the amp.  Then is shuts everything down.  I've tried it plugged in with and with out a battery, no change.

I thought that I might have a problem with the wiring on the DC jack but I can't see where that is.  I've run it against the diagram several times and all looks good.  I have run my multi meter over it and and all the conections that conect to it on both the positive and Negative sides all good.

I am wondering about the amount of resistance I am running over the LED's.  The LEDs I have came with 200 Ohm resistors.  The design calls for a 1K resistor.  I took the suggestion from "mjg" and connected two 200 Ohm resistors in serial (so 400 Ohms of resistance) to the lamps to dim them a bit.  Is is possible that the extra 200 Ohms of resistance is actually causing the switch to open when connected to the 9V converter?

I ask because the resistors are connected directly to the second Positive lead of the 9V jack.

I'm also wondering if since the box is metal and I have connected all of the sleeves from the jacks together and to the 9v jack (and the battery) have I created a ground loop once I connect the jack and the 1/4" cable to the amp?

I'm also getting a "POP" when I switch between jacks so after I get this worked out I'll test it with the resistors over the jacks.

Any help would be great.

I've posted a photo.  It's still messy I haven't moved the wires around.