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Sunking "Moby Senior" with clipping mods

Started by sgmezei, August 15, 2011, 05:16:46 AM

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Okay, I love my original sunking and I wanted to be able to hear what it would sound like with other diode combinations. I can't get the feel or tell the difference in sound when I am in my room at low volumes on different instruments all the time so I wanted to make it more road testable.
I took Bean's idea of selecting different diodes and I got some rotary switches to take on the task.

So, two 12 position rotary switches later I have the Moby Sr. (my first sunking I dubbed Moby Dyck). Both Switches are set up the same for now with two little daughter perf boards.
Heres whats on there:
1. Bypass
2. 1N34 (red and black from mammoth I believe)
3. BAT 41
4. 1N4148
5. BAT 46
6. 1N60
7. 1N914
8. 1N270
9. Red LED
10. 1N4001
11. Socket
12. Socket

I left two positions at the end just with sockets so I can easily try and compare others. I have 2n7000 going in tomorrow hopefully as per Madbeans recommendation on the other thread.

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Oh, and I dorkily tried to colour match the little jewels to the diodes. Position one on the rotary, bypass, doesn't have a jewel so position 2 is the germanium 1n34. I thought I was going to use the green ones I had but I didn't. I don't know why.....

I will toss them in the open sockets! Hazaaah!

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Ok, now we need a good long demo shot in HD with a quality multi mic system, done on multiple amps, mixed down in high definition, with a proper video edit, then posted on Youtube where the compression will squash it down and make each different diode sound just like the others.


But serious, that's super cool Scott. I really like the way you build, and I can't wait to hear your thoughts on all the different diode pairings. I hope you're able to post a great review for us to read.

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very cool. I thought about doing the same thing with either two rotary switches or a dual pole rotary switch. Curious to hear about your favorite diodes and if the mod was worth it



This is so cool! Beautiful job man. The little jewels make it for me :) Love that idea! Sounds like it is a super versatile pedal too. You think you could record something for us? :D

God bless!


Reeeeeeally freakin cool.  Got a favorite combo so far? - Music, Builds, other nonsense


That is one hell of a sunking!! What a great idea, so many clipping options. I second the recording request if its possible!  :)
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Man you are a pretty prolific builder.  Great work on this one.

I'm also interested in your favorite clippers.
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Great build. Another request for your favorite combo.
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Thanks guys. Believe it or not I have not had any time to really play on it yet because of an amp build I just finished (overtone special) and having family in town. I will for sure let you know some of my favourites.





Holy moly, that is beyond killer man. Great ingenuity on that Sunking. Totally unique.


Super cool!

Mine has two three-position toggles (NOS Tesla, GE, bat 41s) but nothing like that!