Author Topic: Woodstock and rangemaster voltage question  (Read 874 times)


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Woodstock and rangemaster voltage question
« on: January 19, 2017, 08:37:01 PM »
I am building a Woodstork and rangemaster in the same box. They both have voltage inverters to provide -9v for the past transistors and I wanted to know if I can eleminate one of the charge pumps. I am using a double foot switch pcb as it makes the wiring a lot easier as I am incorporating an order switcher also.
So the power goes into the foot switch pcb then out to the 2 circuits each with there own voltage inverter. Can I take the -9 volt off 1 board and use it to power the 2nd one?
If I don't use the charge pump on 1 of the circuits would that change where the power enters the circuit?
I have also thought about using a road rage before the power enters the foot switch pcb
To provide the circuits with -9v but am still a bit unsure of the question above 'where to enter the power on the 2 circuits if not using the charge pumps.
Hope I haven't made this to confusing, any help appreciated.