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Weller WESD51 tips??

Started by Govmnt_Lacky, January 31, 2017, 10:15:44 AM

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Anyone got a good source for new tips for the WESD51? I have been using the same tip for about 6 years now  :o and although it still works, I might be in the market to get some new ones.

Anyone know of a good place to go?


OoOoOo, i think i have the same Iron. I got 3 of them from mcmaster carr when I ordered my replacement last year. If its the same one I'll send one down to you.

Nope not the same. But they do sell them on amazon too.


I just get my conical ones from Mouser. Every time I place a Mouser order I toss one in the cart.



Hi! I got the same station, and I also order the tips from mouser, my favorite is the "ETH". Cheers!
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Locally we've a mom & pop electronics store that sells them. Probably bought some from Digikey as well.

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I have one of those irons. I can say the genuine Weller tips last longer - be careful of eBay aftermarket ones even though they are cheep

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Techni-Tool should have them.  They can be expensive for some things, but solder and soldering tips are often reasonable there.

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Echo the eBay sentiments.  If you have a Fry's by you they normally stock them.
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