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what are you guys listening to at the moment?

Started by the3secondrule, August 25, 2011, 01:36:39 PM

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Covering the Betty Davis songbook (Mrs. Miles), almost as funky as the original, powerhouse vocalist... proficient enough guitarist.

Swamp-a-billy, great guttural harmonica.

70's Japanese garage/surf guitar workout.

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Some cool sh#t there Dave really dig the Mahalia Barnes one.
The swampy stuff is cool too.
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89.9 FM, Columbia University radio

Every morning is Bird Flight, the Charlie Parker show
I thought this would save me money.


Korpiklaani (I'm told it translates to "Old Forest Clan", Vallhagen can chime in on this) are bloody amazing.

"Vesilahden veräjillä" is a really neat song about a Christian preacher who ran afoul of a local warlord who took umbrage to his message.

"Let's Drink" -- they seem to do a song about the joy of the bottle on every album except for Manala

"The Steel" -- a glorious appreciation of the blacksmith


go look 'em up :)
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I should probably note I can't speak scandinavian and rely on translation websites
"A man is not dead while his name is still spoken."
- Terry Pratchett
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Ume's new album Monuments is my latest digs. That JazzMaster into the Big Marshall sounds killer.


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Just discovered Kings of the City and I've been on a small binge. Enjoy:

Really excited for the one (and only  :() album coming this spring!


Quote from: selfdestroyer on March 01, 2015, 08:14:41 AM
New Elder Album! Destroying the workbench to this tonight.

Thanks for this one Cody. This album is killing me! Love it!


WWOZ out of NOLA. Killer radio station. Currently they are playing a block of vocal jazz/blues divas.


It seems every time I see this question I am listening to FANS. Computer fans, cooling fans, so many fans. So just add some good music guys!


Saw this on NZG, under the topic title of "Jazz? It's not all wank" (the guy was upset about the stereotype of jazz being a technical exercise).

It's *NOT* what you'd expect. I like this track!
"A man is not dead while his name is still spoken."
- Terry Pratchett
My OSHpark shared projects
My website


I've currently rediscovered U2 again and have downloaded every known live show that was ever recorded. That should keep me busy. I used to trade for these on audio tape and CDR's for a decade to get that many, now you can just download them all in days. Ain't technology a marvel? Currently listening to their 360 show from Mexico City, 14th of may 2011.

Not from that particular show, but a true 360 gem still. Not to mention a very interesting guitar tone as well.


Off the newest record! They got Jesse back!