Author Topic: Making a clickless pedal loop change the channels on my amp  (Read 758 times)


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Hi! I need help with building a clickless switch for a effect pedal, and I don't know much about electronics.

I'm thinking of getting a clickless switch from Mammoth Electronics, (unless you think I should get something else), and they run off a momentary footswitch. I would like to use it to switch my overdrive in and out of the audio path, but at the same time, I would like to switch the channels on my amp (Full on gain in one stomp!). The amp switch I have is a dpdt, that runs an LED in the circuit (in the pedal), and the voltage is 9.62 volts when the tip is connected to the sleeve of the pedal, through the LED, to put it in the overdrive channel. So I would like to be able to make a connection from tip to sleeve at the same time as pressing the momentary switch.

The voltage drop over the LED in the pedal  is 2.25 volts. (So I believe it is a Super Ultra Bright LED). So the relay inside the amp must run at around 7 volts. (7.37 volts).

I was wondering if I could just use another clickless relay from Mammoth, and run the 7 volts through the second clickless, (via the in to the send), to make the connection to put the amp in overdrive (and connect both clickess switches to the same momentary switch). Will it overload the relay? Can I run that much voltage through the audio relay? Also, it looks like the current through the switch is 49mA. (I tested that by connecting a meter inline with the dpdt switch in the opposite (disconnected) position, I'm not sure if I'm getting the current through the LED alone, or through the LED and the relay inside the amp. (I'm measuring the current between the 9.62 volts from the tip of the cable and the LED). But it looks like that's how much current is flowing through the pedal, and that's probably how much current will flow through the clickless. Can I do this? The clickless switches are only $20 US, I already have most of the parts including a nice sized enclosure. I just need to order two clickless switches.

Otherwise if I can't run 7 volts at 49mA through the clickless switch, I'm going to need someone to build me a circuit!